News Roundup

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Oy.  The news is still worse, as you will see.

just breaks yer heart, dunnt?

somebody do the math and tell me:  what’s the percentage of 169 out of 6 billion?

some might say that male humans should have the same ability.

now everybody repeat after me:  “You can always trust the government.”


so everybody repeat after me:  “You can always trust stuff from Apple Corp.”

I think I want a double cheeseburger and a milkshake.  Let the vegans eat fucking bugs.

when they approach the amount we left behind in Kabul, let me know.

..put another way, 674 years of tradition flushed away for no good reason.


….which would probably explain this:



Vinegar-flavored genitals?

And that’s the news.


  1. That guy needs a boiling water enema several times a day.

    Speaking of enemas, the alphabet soup agencies could stand a huge enema for quite a while. Clearly they do not understand our human rights since they constantly overstep their bounds. Apple shut down apple pay in Moscow apparently and it left people stranded. Gotta be careful using services from these big corporations.

    The piercings article needs pictures.


    1. The difference between them, the bad guys, and us, the good guys, is that we good guys do not indulge in sick thoughts of torturing those we dislike.

  2. I looked up the piercing one, because prurient interest, ya know.

    Turns out she was complaining about the one at the top of her ear.

    > A helix piercing is any piercing made to the upper cartilage of the ear…

  3. “Some male spiders CATAPULT themselves away from females immediately after mating to avoid being eaten.”

    This is the spider equivalent of having a really good divorce lawyer on speed dial.

  4. Ok, I’ve tried but …………………………..
    Kim, you must place a warning, aural as well as visual
    ( bells, rotating red beacons, and klaxons, yes all 3, just in case )
    that, below the fold, as one scrolls down you will encounter a photo of ‘it’.
    Logoff, close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and go la la la, to bypass.
    To quote my son, ‘It’s difficult to ‘unsee’ something’.
    If I can get the stomach cramps and the dry heaves to stop I might just make it. This is all the result of seeing a pic of that so called ‘woman’
    Thank You in Advance for your consideration !

  5. In 50 years I can see some septuagenarian haranguing their grandkid, “All you kids to today is sit in your rooms and fuck your holograms, back in my day we had orgies and got out and interacted with people!!!”

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