News Roundup

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And off we go:

I have an alibi.

no, he’d be in his fifth year in prison awaiting trial for “sedition”.

and this is news because..?

and will resettle them in Brighton Beach, NY.  Tickets available at Ticketmaster.

assuming he hasn’t “committed suicide” or ‘died from Covid” before then.  No odds given on either.

that’s like winning the “Tallest Man Competition” in Dwarf Town.  (no link because Kardashian)

small, large, whatever:  kill them all with fire.  Horrible fucking things.
Afterthought:  not these Scorpions — I quite like them:

And talking of showbiz:

big deal;  Murray always behaves inappropriately.

one would have thought that all that kicking and screaming might have tipped them off.

And now, INSIGNIFICA (a.k.a. “who gives a fuck news”, as one Reader put it):


…and is useless wifout pichers:

All the news worth leering at.


  1. RE: Sour Taste – kinda looks like that Weather Channel MMGW alarmist Jenn Carfagno, but her rack isn’t nearly that big.

  2. Sheesh, what happened to self control? Yeah, they’re impressive but have some class.

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