1. Oh boy, would you be surprised at the number of Australians not supporting either and who are hoping to make radical changes at our next Federal elections in May.

    As for “gun control” …

    Unless you were here post-1996 …

    Unless your car was vandalised because you had a pro-gun sticker on it (which was smeared with faeces and door panels kicked in)

    Unless you were literally screeched at called a murderer in public while manning a stall at the state show (fair)

    Unless your 10-year-old daughter threw her arms around you crying inconsolably because she had been told her father was a bad man and would go to gaol for owning guns

    Unless your wife had death threats for our family over the telephone (I was a gun club official at the time and my identity quite well known)

    Unless people like me and their guns have been described for months in headline news in all media as “potential killers” owning “killing machines”

    Unless your newspaper had front page articles and photos of smirking police feeding a top of the range Beretta pump 12g into a barrel crusher, with the headline “another killer crushed”

    Unless your government, with zeal, also melted down your entire army’s reserve of firearms; in our case, namely the 7.62 SLR

    Until you are now, by law, required to show reason and need for a firearm of any kind, including airguns

    Until gel blasters are prohibited because your fuckwit Police Minister says “they can be converted into real guns”

    Until “they” want it made illegal to reload your own ammo

    Until then, with respect, you have NFI.

  2. Preach it Brother Biwoz.
    Not all of us are subservient sheep bowing down to .gov diktats.

    I live in rural Oz. I once had a locker full of handguns, shotties, rimfires and centrefire rifles and to my eternal regret the whole lot were stolen or lost in boating accidents in 1996.

    I was devastated at the loss.

  3. Much as I hate over reach by Plod, Oz’s Northern Territory Ron is not exactly known as a pillar of the community.

    Certain pharmaceutical practices are alleged.

    1. Yeah, but laws are usually centered around lowlifes, not the upright and lawful. The well-known case of U.S. vs Miller (which gave rise to all the stupid gun laws in this country), centered around Miller, who was a scumbag and bootlegger (the 1930s equivalent of a drug dealer).
      In this case, Our Hero saved a neighbor from almost certain death — the drugs had nothing to do with it.

  4. what do you expect from the OzReich? I don’t see the pendulum swinging back towards liberty and freedom since Oz put ridiculous restrictions in place back in the 90s. In fact, the politicians and police have gotten worse.


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