All Alone

Who is the loneliest person at any red carpet affair?

That would be Oz actress Elisabeth Debicki, because at 6’3″ tall, she towers over the average Hollyweird squirt actor (Tom Cruise, coff coff ) and she loves them Louboutin 5″ heels, making her even more of a social outcast.  Here she is, recumbent:



…in characteristic red carpet mode:

…and standing next to Hugh Laurie, who is 6’2″ tall and clearly not concerned about his masculinity:

In fact, were she not Australian, I’d say that this was definitely a tower worth climbing.


  1. To quote a work buddy from 40 years ago, Franco P. , “there is no height in the horizontal “ !!!

  2. As my friend Dan says when asked about dating taller women, “ I’m happy to go up on her.”

  3. “Nose to nose, toes to toes, it all lines up in the middle!”

    She’s playing Princess Diana in the newest season of “The Crown”, which is one of the only shows on Netflix that hasn’t gone full woketard.

  4. I’d be delighted to squire Ms Debicki. The average woman is a full foot shorter than I am and it’s nice to be able to look someone in the eyes, rather than look down on them where the eyeline is distressingly close to their cleavage.

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