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Today, we’ll first be giving an in-depth look at the Dept. of Maleducation:

because knowing how to read and write is of no importance whatsoever.

where today’s teenage boys know more about “incel culture” than most teachers.

non-White and female mathematicians having contributed SO much to the field since 300 BC, you see.

I’m just amazed that anyone complained, in a suburb of San Francisco  Madison.

I always said the legal drinking age should be lowered… but maybe not that much.

spoken by someone who’s obviously never taken a hard punch to the face.

From the Heart of Stone Dept.:

Method Acting at its finest.

looks like those fifty Nile crocs I dropped in haven’t reached that part of the Rio Grande yet.


Also, in talking of mental health:

because I think the 25th can only be invoked by Congress, which will be controlled by Democrats until after NovemberThen we’ll see.

why so?  Perhaps her name will reveal the secret…

Speaking of Indians:

I’ve dated women like that.  In every case, they didn’t want to have sex;  they just wanted to stop me having a good time with my buddies.

But let’s move to INSIGNIFICA:



see, it’s only “sexist” and “revolting” if there’s no money or PR involved.

And that be da nooz.


  1. The 25th Amendment (Section 4) actually has to be invoked by the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet, not Congress. I think most of the Cabinet would be OK with removing Biden, but they really don’t want to put Kamala in the driver’s seat. I kind of see their point.

    It would be nice if we had a “remove them both” option, but nobody really thought that the VP spot would be used as a shield to prevent the removal of a President. Now that I think of it, though, removing both of them would put Pelosi in the top spot. Best to wait until after the elections.

    1. I doubt the Republicans in Congress would remove him, even if they could.

      What if newly elevated President Kamala makes Hillary the Veep? I’m certain Kamala’s ‘suicide’ wouldn’t be far behind.

      1. Assuming current status, it might take some heavy lifting to get Hillary confirmed in the House, but that load would never get off the pallet in a 50-50 Senate – with no one available to cast a tie-breaker.

  2. I’d like to tell Mike Tyson that a few of the people in the news stories were responsible for kicking the back of his seat during is recent flight. The diversity hire needs to be fired for her nonsense.

    Who is the strumpet at the end of the news?


    1. Her name is Romola Garai. She’s a British actress and film director, according to Wikipedia. Born in Hong Kong to British parents, but her last name is actually Hungarian — her great-grandfather Bernhard Garai emigrated to the UK from Hungary. (She’s married to a man whose last name is Hoare, but I can understand why she wouldn’t want to use that as her professional name.)

  3. The Democrats are waiting until Jan 22nd next year so that Harris can have 10 years in the White House. And she will if the Republicans keep running Trump.

    1. Trump finally gave back the hubris thrown at Republicans since Nixon. It was long, long overdue and very entertaining


  4. Richard Nixon once called Spiro Agnew his guarantee against assassination. I don’t even want to think about President Kamalatoe.

  5. Regarding the English Teachers Association, there was a time when I thought I was going to be one of those. I got as far as teaching English 101 as a graduate instructor while I was pursuing a master’s degree in comparative literature. (I already had one useless degree, and was foolish enough to believe that adding another one might help somehow.) This brought me into contact with the culture of the English department faculty, and I was so nauseated by it that I knew my ambition to become an English professor was a horrible mistake. I dropped out of grad school and got a job as a technical writer, and that turned out to be a far better career path than anything that academia could have offered me.

    Teenage boys should be taught about incel culture? I have a better idea. Teach them about MGTOW culture — the men who a voluntarily celibate because they have realized how toxic today’s women are. I wish someone had warned me when I was that age.

    The math professors who are being ordered not to cite male or white mathematicians should reply: “How do you know Euler was male? Are you a biologist?” And the same goes for labeling anyone white; that ought to require a Ph.D. in anthropology.

    1. you’re absolutely right.

      I went from the male dominated industry of construction management to a female dominated “profession” in healthcare. I’d sit quietly eating my lunch while these 20-something young women, can’t call them all ladies that’s for damn sure, go on and on about how bad the dating scene is and how badly treated they were by men. I’d listen to them, think to myself and keep my mouth shut when asked for opinions. I’d just say, I’m sorry I wasn’t listening and I didn’t think I was part of the conversation so I was reading an article on my phone. There was one who had boyfriend troubles, got pregnant by him, had the kid then they bought a house together. They were all set to move in when he bailed. She’s throwing nutty after nutty day in day out. I’m thinking to myself, maybe letting him get you pregnant was a bad idea. Not long after that she was absent a lot because she couldn’t find childcare then she’d fight with her boyfriend on the phone about childcare rather than do her work. Others just lamented why their relationships didn’t go anywhere beyond the bedroom when they knocked boots from day one. None of them stopped to think about the “attractant” they were putting out there for these poor saps.


  6. ” Incel Culture ” Huh … I had to look it up.. Apparently it’s the new woke term for ” not gettin any ” . I always thought the cure for that is to lower your standards. Stop trying to date 9’s and try for 6’s and 7’s. ( the wing girls for the 9’s ).

    Most teenage boys eventually figure it out for themselves, They certinly don’t need or want advice from some teacher.

    1. The Crazy/Hot matrix is real. watch that all the way through on Youtube. It’s true and hilarious. There’s a version for women as well, Cute/Rich matrix. Back in my salad days we used to say that Brains x Beauty = a constant. High Beauty would inevitably result in low brains. Proven true more often than not.


  7. I read that article about incels. It distressed me to learn that the girl pupils are putting up with the abuse when they should be speaking up. That means that the teachers and school staff are not doing anything. And all those people complaining about incels, I ask, “What positive steps have you taken to teach them to be better people? Ladies, how many of them have you taken to your bed? Gents, how many have you tried to educate?”

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