Speed Bump #7,659

In an otherwise decent article,  Brandon Morse writes this howler:

“In today’s society, emotion is increasingly valued over logistical thinking.”

Really?  Emotion is placed higher than thinking about how to move stuff from one place to another?


JHC… it’s way too early to have yet another gin, but WTF.


  1. it’s about time that the grammar they use matches the drivel in their columns. For once these moonbats are consistent.

  2. Well when your philosophy depends on the notion that the plural of anecdote is truth it is no wonder that emotion takes precedence over logic.

  3. Synopsis;
    * females are prepped to be princesses
    * females are not prepped to be wives.
    Nor, according to the author, are they prepped to manage transportation of goods and people.
    [Another five minutes wasted by idjits getting paid by the word]

    1. Plus:
      Boys are not prepped to be adults.
      Boys are prepped to be girls.
      Girls are prepped to be females, not women.

  4. While you have corrected the statement properly, the use of the word logistically kinda works in the context of this administration. The lack of logistical thinking is causing pretty much all of our economic woes. Why yes, thank you, another G&T is always welcome, it is 5 o’clock somewhere you know.

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