News Roundup

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So let’s waltz into the news, such as it is.

but the real bad news came when he discovered that Amazon’s cheap medical plan didn’t cover heart attacks.

because it stopped people from smoking, right?


quelle surprise.

because MAGA rallies always end in riots, looting and burning buildings, you see.

thus answering the old question:  “If guns are banned, can we use swords?”

I think we’ve all had orgasms like that at least once before.  And speaking of orgasms:

LOL, Professor Reynolds.

And as for (non-linked) INSIGNIFICA:


headline should read:  “BECAUSE I drive a Ferrari, I have to shop at Aldi, etc.”

And in that vein:

Also, to be politically correct, let’s not leave out our Asian models:

…and of course, a couple of token blacks:

Here endeth the news.


  1. I saw the intro image and and thought, “Ok, that looks normal but knowing Kim there’s got to be something else here”. It took a minute but suddenly the “alternate” interpretation clicked in and now that’s all I can see. I’m just glad I wasn’t taking a drink at the time because the involuntary laugh would have spewed coffee all over the desk & monitor. Thanks for sharing; that’s a great way to start the morning!

  2. I love it when Kim posts pictures of incredibly expensive, nearly unobtainable, high maintenance items.

    Even better when they’re paired with high-end cars.

    1. A jewelry manufacturer I know was want to say:
      “If it has tits or wheels, it’s a pain in the ass to someone!”

  3. There are already warning labels on liquor and they are already too large.

    WHen will there be warning labels on products from places such as McDonald’s, Burger King etc? I’m glad there aren’t any right now. What society truly needs right now is a removal of all warning labels on food products, tobacco and alcohol and the removal of many safety features for a few years so we can thin the herd. Call this adding chlorine to the gene pool if you will.

    In regards to Amazon, I saw a post about an exchange between a driver and dispatch about a tornado warning and the driver saying that they wanted to return to the warehouse but the dispatcher said that the tornado sirens were just warnings and to continue delivering packages. If the driver returned to the distribution center they would be considered as refusing their route and disciplinary action would be taken.


  4. Well, of course Amazon’s medical insurance doesn’t cover heart attacks. Twenty-five-year-old High School Dropouts only suffer heart attacks as a result of drug use which is a firing offense. The thirty-year-old managers never thought about someone older working for Amazon, therefore the omission.

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