Black Eye

As the Hungarian presidential elections grew closer, the polls showed that strongman Viktor Orban’s support was slipping as the public were reportedly growing tired of his nationalistic policies.

Except of course that it was all bullshit, as Orban won going away.

The working class of Hungary have spoken. The people are not going to stop supporting Prime Minister Viktor Orban, their grandfatherly, pragmatic economic nationalist and populist leader.

Needless to say, according to Sundance, the Swamp was unhappy:

However, the U.S., NATO, Globalists, World Economic Forum and western alliance group, run by and from the CIA/State Dept operational headquarters, are not happy. Not happy at all.

And the Grauniad says:

While votes were still being tallied, it appeared clear that the question was not whether Fidesz would take the election, but by how much. With nearly 75% of votes counted, it appeared possible that Fidesz would win another constitutional majority in the 199-member parliament.
It has previously had a two-thirds supermajority that has enabled it to radically restructure the country’s politics and social policies during its 12-year reign, transforming Hungary into a self-styled “illiberal democracy” that has flouted western norms and frequently been at odds with the EU.

Suck on it, assholes.


  1. I hope this guy bites Biden and company and spread his love of country and disdain for communism. Good for Hungary.

  2. Re the article’s last line: I see that the Pervert Party has misappropriated and perverted the concept of “western norms”. Western norms were what they originally rebelled against. This is a classic case of Dave Burge’s perfect analysis of the Left’s strategy:

    “Find a respected institution.
    Kill it.
    Gut it.
    Wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

  3. Viktor Orban is like a client’s lawyer or a leftist’s own government school. If he’s working for them, he’s fine and always welcomed as a statesman and leader. If not, he’s a scum-sucking strong-man bottom-feeder.

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