News Roundup

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And here we go:

now who could possibly have seen that coming?

uh huh Fauci, I’m prepared, all right.  Been exercising my middle finger for weeks already.

likelihood of any prosecutions for this crime:  0.

key word:  Australia.

When you get this:

Ukrainian forces have found bodies littering the streets of Bucha after Russia’s retreat from the region
and this:

don’t be surprised when you get this:

And in local news:

California legislature is set to ban rocket launchers, again.

From the Watermelons:

dream on, assholes.

what could possibly go wrong?



And that’s the news… oh wait!  I almost forgot today’s sponsor’s totty:



Yep, that’s Kelly Brook… and her breast munchies.


  1. The headline regarding Afghanistan is a standing headline. Just change the country as needed.

    Torture and such by Russians? You don’t say

  2. Sadly I do not have enough middle fingers to adequately express myself to der Fuehrer Fauci and company.

  3. OK, I’m convinced.
    When THE GROUND starts attacking it’s time to take Australia
    OFF THE LIST – Permanently !
    The list of dangerous plants, animals and now land ( minerals )
    on that wretched island has exceeded acceptable levels !
    Prayers for that family though.

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