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So here we go:

city government is Democrat, so of course nobody will lose their job over this.

good thing I don’t live there, or I’d be properly fucked by now, e.g:

sheesh, it’ll cost more than that just to clean ol’ Bill Clinton’s jizz stains off the walls and floors.  And:

ignoring the irony /stupidity, am I the only one hoping for an addition to the “Death By Covid” column?

Moving on:

funny how that works.

From the You Can’t Say That! files:

not that we should care, it being only Twatter.

And from the Dept. of Scaremongering, Climate Warming Cooling  Change Division:

not gonna happen, assholes.

In Woke We Trust:

instead of “William Peace”, change it to “I Would Never Send My Kids To This” University.  Too long, you think?

Insty morphed into me so slowly, I barely noticed.

that is really funny.

hence the old saying:  don’t complain about what you find when you go snooping where you shouldn’t.

And that leads us all to (link-free) INSIGNIFICA:




now that’s an anniversary worth celebrating… not.

Some interesting sights in that link, to be sure.


  1. Ukrainian trannies can’t get hormones according to the article. I don’t know why I found that humorous, but I did.

    1. Posh… although how they finally decided which one to call Scary — must have been difficult.

      1. In that picture, she looks like she needs to carb load for several months. She doesn’t appear healthy at all

  2. Does anyone ask the question “just because we can, should we do it?” elective plastic surgery can be useful and lead to reconstructive surgery that helps people. Some people have grossly abused technology. But then again, don’t people have the right to abuse their body?


  3. I’ll just note that one of the gummint stooges in the story about Germany arresting people for insulting politicians (what the actual fuck?) was a certain Herr Kunze.

    I have no doubt that he is.

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