Best Ever

We’ve often seen those “Before & After” pics of people who’d had enough of being fat, scrawny, etc. and decided to do something about it.  Here’s one such, where a woman ballooned after having kids, felt ashamed of herself, and did something about it.

That’s pretty impressive.  Here’s another:


But the best I’ve ever seen is this one, where a woman married fat, had kids, and then — twenty years later — ended up looking sensational:


Just… wow.  Good for her — and good for her husband, who’s stuck by her through thick  and thin [sic].

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  1. Bottom two pics look like a completely different person, and I don’t mean that in a colloquial way.

    The others look like there’s been some surgical enhancements as well.

    That said as someone who’s battled my weight since I was a kid, alternating between looking good and fat ass, I say God bless and congrats

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