Monday Funnies

First it was TGIF;  now it’s OGIM.  Proof:

So let’s just laugh sourly… with a little help from a friend:


  …and cocaine.

(an actual exchange between me and Mr. Free Market)

And some random tart I found SOTI:

Apparently, she’s a sports reporter on Romanian TV — which is probably why sport is so popular over there.


  1. When I was looking for a Romanian cookbook for my brother who married a Romanian Danica Patrick (figuratively speaking, or perhaps behaviorally or psychologically), I found that Romania had a cooking show hosted (Hostessed?) by two scantily clad totties. I still haven’t gotten a cookbook for my brother.

  2. Ugh, that tank photo bares a strong resemblance to America’s conservative gun owners. 😛

      1. We may have fire power, but alone, were just just going to slide into the lib shit pool.

  3. That Russkie tank confirms that going to Ukraine is a little bit more difficult than just driving through Red Square once a year – and requires a real logistics and maintenance regime.

  4. Re: your pictures of the birds.

    Pretty much the same here, too. Arthritis may have taken a toll, but the urge to flip is still strong in this one. Like some other things, it might take a little longer to get it up, but it’s still functional.

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