1. Various other places have pointed out that the rifle is an airsoft or some other type of BB gun. Who cares? It’s easy enough to trade that in for a real rifle in the Ukraine. God help them.


    1. There seems to be four parts to it, none of which seem to work together as a sight.
      Hot chick, though. I hope she gets a real gun and terrifies some Red Army soldiers with it.

      1. That clear thing in front of the actual optic is a shield to protect the front lens from airsoft pellets. The other two tan blobs are backup sights folded down.

  2. “Damn… is it so wrong that I’m getting a semi?”

    Shit Kim, at your age it’s a g-damned miracle!

  3. Will she demonstrate greasing Ruskies in the talent competition?

    “my dear you completely missed the apple on his head! I wasn’t aiming at the apple”


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