1. Although Dave identifies as a lion the zebra refuses to acknowledge his true species. This hate crime must not be allowed to stand

  2. It was at that moment that she realized she should never have used Google translate for dating advice. Apparently “Cougar in search of a young, virile buck” translated to very bad advice in Swahili.

  3. Boomer zebra vs. Millenial leopard: Old age and treachery beat youth and inexperience every time.

  4. Near the ‘estate’ entrance to the Delhi Gymkhana Club, a long-time member expresses disapproval of the ‘up-dated’ dress-code!
    [Delhi Gymkhana Club:
    * “Relics of the empire, membership is limited to people carrying blue blood in their veins, thereby perpetrating apartheid and shattering the constitutional goal of social justice and equality.”
    And that just won’t do…]

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