Nothing Sinister

Bah.  Apparently there’s something “sinister” about The Villages complex on Florida, as though there’s evil afoot by hoovering up a bunch of old farts, letting them have a good time and putting them into the equivalent of St. Peter’s waiting room.

To the relentlessly positive residents who fill their days with keeping fit and socialising, it is paradise on Earth.
But the immaculate lawns of The Villages — a sprawling development in Florida — hide a “sinister” underbelly, according to a filmmaker who likens it to the fake perfection of The Truman Show.

It seems as though “day drinking” is a Bad Thing, as though booze should only be consumed at night [pause to sip on my breakfast gin].   And ditto having fun:

Cheery music is pumped 24/7 over loudspeakers but ambulances turn off their sirens and funeral cars are unmarked. No one wants to be reminded of death.


Of course, if you read the article, there’s actually no dark underbelly, try as they may to find one.

Had the “journalist” spent just thirty seconds on an Internet search — as I did — he might have discovered this “shocker”:   that The Jackals Of The Press cooked up a scandal about how The Villages is a hotbed of sex and venereal disease, when in fact it isn’t.

The entire motivation behind all this negativity can be explained by one word — ENVY — because gawd forbid that people who have led long, productive lives, raised families and paid taxes should now be allowed to enjoy themselves, in the twilight of their lives.

Rope.  Tree.  Journalist.  Some assembly required.


  1. The press hates the Villages because they reliably vote Republican. It is a dark red community sandwiched between the Blue zones of Orlando, Tampa, and Gainesville (the location of the University of Florida)

  2. The nerve of the residents doing what they enjoy with their own money! They are probably collecting Social Security as well!
    Quick, someone alert Elizabeth Warren to these freeloaders.

  3. In these sick twisted communities, there are people, trying to live their lives without contemplating the horrors of a country founded on racism and slavery, refusing to recognize 57 genders (and counting), convinced that people should be responsible for their own lives, their own children, probably voting Republican, refusing to rely completely on government handouts, beyond our control, and dammit, worst of all,

    they’re enjoying themselves!


  4. There was one about a month ago about how rayciss it is because it’s so white. Well, that explains the peaceful nature.

  5. Every time I hear “The Village”, I want to get my megaphone out and yell “I am not a number, I am a free man”. And look out for Rover.

    The only semi-questionable part of The Villages is the rules about how short the visits from grandkids and non-resident kids have to be. I understand writing the rules so that people with custody of their grandkids can’t move in, but I don’t think it’s healthy. I want to be able to have the grandkids stay a while with me, but if I need to with the rules of wherever I land in my Waiting for God era, I’ll just go to them for a while.

    1. The In Laws live up there. Not a bad place
      The rules of which you speak are sorta-kinda flexible. Depends on if you have a ‘Karen’ for a neighbor. For the most part it’s live and let live, as long as the kids are well behaved and not tearing up the A.O.

      Another reason this article came out is that the Villages are like Ivory Soap 99.999 Whypeepo. Very little ‘Muh Diversity’ outside of the laborers who do the servicing of the lawns and whatnot.

      Can’t have that now can we?
      Reliably Republican, and Whytte?
      Gives the Libtards the Quaking Nightmares

  6. ” The Villages is a hotbed of sex and venereal disease, when in fact it isn’t.”

    Really? So with the advent of Viagra and proliferation of plastic surgery you’ve got this old-age home full of raging hard-ons, perky tits, and no idea what to do with them.

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