LOL Canceled

So CNN boss Jeff Zucker has had to quit because for the past few years he’s been dipping his pen into this office inkwell:

(Personally, I don’t think that’s a good reason to have to quit — he’s the boss, let him fuck whoever will let him.  At least he didn’t weinstein the skinny tart.)

But best of all, Whoopi Goldberg (a.k.a. Caryn Johnson) has been suspended from The View.

You see, Dearest Whoopi thinks (despite her culturally-appropriated last name) that because no Blacks were incinerated at Auschwitz, that the Holocaust wasn’t based on racism.  Fucking hell, she’s so ignorant it beggars belief.

Anyway, that’s two woke media assholes down the memory hole — at least, I hope so — and this “cancellation” couldn’t have happened to two more deserving shitheads.


  1. Good riddance to them both, but why is the dog tart still keeping her job at CNN?
    Man loses job, woman keeps hers; just following the feminazi narrative.

    I saw the same twice where I worked – man fired, woman kept job. I always thought a consensual relationship was a two-way street.
    Once again, sex in the workplace->sexual harassment, along with the nonsensical (requires mind reading) “hate crime” is a one way street if there is a white male involved..

  2. Whoopsie should be fired post haste and become unhireable in the media.

    The CNN head that quit will get picked up asap by some other woke company or appointed to a board of directors someplace else.


  3. In re: Goldmember.

    Because historical analysis interests me I would have liked to have heard/seen the why behind what she said. It may shed light on some things. That said I’m sure she didn’t say it as a thought exercise vis a vis a classroom setting.

    The fact that the dragon, that she nurtured and encouraged, turned on her and destroyed her, elicits zero sympathy from me. I never could see her appeal as a comedienne, actress, commentator, at any level. She was always the token ugly chick in any show or panel.

    Ditto the above paragraph for the CNN head. He’s the victim of a beast he encouraged. Fuck him.

    1. “Because historical analysis interests me I would have liked to have heard/seen the why behind what she said. It may shed light on some things.”

      Best guess, for the majority of blacks – anything involving racism is white vs black. Period. Any movement for equality or diversity that has blacks in it will eventually become a black organization, with any other husky hued races pushed to the side. Blacks must be, in their mind, the ultimate victim. To the blacks, anything lighter than mocha is white. That includes Anglos, Saxons, Celts, Vikings, Huns, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasoids, Lebanese, Turks, Syrians, etc. In fact, there’s even a checkbox for non-Hispanic White, implying that Hispanics are indeed White too. Bottom line, everyone not black is White, and racism is Whites oppressing blacks, therefore the Holocaust was simply Whites killing Whites.

      At least in her mind. And the minds of lots of others who think just like she does.

  4. The Goldberg twunt isn’t “canceled”. They’re just getting her out of sight until the outrage blows over. Unless the hubris won’t let her shut up and lay low for a bit, she’ll be back like nothing happened. SOP for the progs.

    1. you’re right. They don’t cancel their own unless they are really forced to like Al Franken.

      Look at who the left gives a free pass to, murderer Ted Kennedy, brothel running pimp Barney Frank, Lover Boy Clinton, Hillary Benghazi, VA governor Blackface Northam and his Lt Governor who had sexual assault charges against him, etc


  5. No love lost for the hideous Marxist blob woman, but what’s interesting is that she was not only wrong, but also apparently complete unaware that the Nazis themselves damn well did consider the Jews a separate race that needed purging completely. It was all racial for them, 100 percent.

  6. Well… If you’re going to lose your job for dropping 90% of your already extremely reduced viewership anyway, that tart is certainly an acceptable reason.


  7. What are Whoopie’s views on the Rwandan Genocide of the 90’s?
    Is it OK because both sides were black, or is it bad because the victims were black, even though whitey didn’t do it.

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