1. Some folk have national religions, or ethnic cuisine. The Scots have incomprehensible rituals.

    1. Cast ye not the first stone! Aye we do have incomprehensible rituals but they’re nothing like the collective insanity (or is that inanity?) that happens in America every four years.

    1. ‘Vagina’ is Latin for ‘sheath’, though it was pronounced “wuh-gee’-nuh” back in Caesar’s day (and ‘Caesar’ was pronounced like ‘kaiser’ but with an ‘s’ sound instead of ‘z’.

      1. Don’t forget Vini, Vidi Vici, correctly pronounced Wini, Widi, Wici, which doesn’t sound near as manly.

  2. although it was Ian’s turn to dress up as Princess Leia again, he was pleasantly surprised that Hamish was such a good kisser. It must have been all the practice with sheep that Hamish regularly bragged about. The fact that they were brothers made the entire situation delightful enough to share with their friends.

    1. For sure, I noticed those slippers and assumed they were going to do some sort of strange bagpipe dance lifting the bridesmaids and spinning them around with that wonderful dear old swirling sound of cats being dismembered.

      1. Bagpipe dance?

        Consider this: The same people who invented the glorious game of golf are the same people who think music comes out of bagpipes.

  3. On a rare day-pass from the ‘stable-through-pharmaceuticals’ ward — seen here through her ‘unique’ filters as the singular ‘normal’ person for miles around — Ghislane used the opportunity to ‘crash’ a few weddings!

  4. Sadly only half the imperial pallbearers showed up for the groom’s funeral and the piper is drunk at the bar.

  5. “Sadly, that night she would find out why he hadn’t met the requirements to become a Stormtrooper like all of his friends.”

  6. “Aye, laddies, looks like ‘ol MacSkywalker be tossing the caber tonight!”

    “But trwen’t the lass be his sister?…”

    “Be glad it’s not his sheep.”

  7. I told you guys again and again that we needed to practice with our blasters because this is what Lord Vader does to stormtroopers with the lowest target scores; but nooo, you didn’t believe me!!

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