1. Sotomayor was heralded as a wise Latina but she isn’t wise at all. She’s a partisan hack like Kagan, RBG and has no place in a position of responsibiity.


  1. Most inept and clueless veep of my lifetime, & I’m old enough to remember Dan Quayle.

      1. Biden’s decline from then til now has been breathtaking. As veep he was a savvy & effective hack. Now he’s just fumbling & witless.

        1. Savvy and effective? It was Biden’s performance as a Veep that prompted President Obama to say words to the effect of, “Is there nothing Joe can’t F— up?”

        1. So if she is called back out of retirement Willie Brown could be up for being a Supreme Court Justice?

          1. It is a sign of how mad the world is that the Democrats ran a candidate whose main claim to qualification for the job was that she knew what Willy’s Willie tasted like.

  2. ….so they’ve painted themselves into a very small corner. No one’s going to buy Arkancide this time. They can’t let her run for President as the first Presidential candidate to lose every State and less than 10% of the popular vote. They can’t let Joe or Hillary run again. is Mayor Pete even old enough?

    1. They’ll try to “fortify” her into office if she runs. The consequences of that effort will be interesting.

  3. Well. She’s clearly qualified for at least one job. The one that starts with ‘blow’.

    No telling if she’s any good at that either.

    Then again, is there a bad one?

  4. Look at who ( or what ? ) is sitting in the oval office,
    who is speaker of the house and
    who from NYC is a former bartender, REELECTED and STILL sitting in Congress
    and then tell me again, WHY not being ‘up to the job’ is going to
    prevent this creature from getting confirmed to the USSC !!
    SOMEBODY’S not paying attention !

  5. Kamala is said to do her best work UNDER the bench BENEATH a judge, instead of working as a judge herself.

    Just ask Willie Brown.

  6. Sad day for Massachusetts. Just when people thought the RINO governor Charlie Baker was bad enough, anti rights Attorney General Maura Healey announced she is running for Governor. I guess the Taco Ticklers feel it is their time.

    This liberal take over is scary!

        1. and her two democrat opponents in the primary are even further to the left. It will be a race to destruction. Pass the popcorn.

          1. Wasn’t that pretty much the same situation on the Democrat Presidential Primary last time around?

  7. The biggest reason Kamala’s not up to the job is that she’ll have to show up and actually do something, not like her performance on the border crisis.
    Still, think how comical her legal writing would be…

  8. Willie Brown vehemently disagrees. Kackle-A is certainly qualified for several positions at his direction.


  9. I’ve just read that article and have a serious question: is it possible to be VP and a Supreme Court judge at the same time?

    1. No. The Executive and Judicial (and also the Legislative) branches of government cannot be combined.

      1. The special legislative commission stood up to resolve the disputed election of 1876, included a Supreme Court Justice (who provided the decisive vote). I would agree it was unconstitutional but they did it and got away with it.

      2. It is correct that no one can be both VP and Justice at the same time due to separation of branches, but you misidentified the branches in question. The VP is a *legislative* office, not an executive one, no matter what Dick Cheney thinks.

      3. since when does the constitution (or indeed any law of the land) matter to the dhimmicrats?

  10. …and her two Democrat opponents in the race are even further to the left. The primary should be fun. Pass the popcorn.

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