News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to mock.

violence against men, however, is quite socially acceptable.

having raised toddlers myself, I want to hear Mom’s side of the story first before passing judgment.

Train Smash Update:

and the hits just keep on coming.

suggested new name:  West Washington Huns.

hey, look on the bright side:  he could have been watching CNN.

Great Midas’s bleeding hemorrhoids, they’re not competent at anything, let alone spending money.

women only hate getting a “facial” for the delivery process.

they’re refusing to lose their income stream from selling permits.

me, too.  Overwrought, pretentious and cheesy, and let’s not even talk about the music.

From the Dept. of Covidiocy:

I must admit that after hearing it several times a day, “Why is Walt Disney World so fucking expensive?” must get quite tiresome.

And now comes the time for INSIGNIFICA:


I’ve just figured out a retirement plan:  run for TexGov as a centrist Democrat, raise millions, and when I lose bigly, retire to a farm somewhere in the boonies to live off the remainder of my campaign funds.

Time for the mandatory street totty pics:




  1. U2 used to be one of my favorite bands, and I still think Joshua Tree is one of the best albums ever. Unfortunately they haven’t had a good album since Achtung Baby, and of course Bono became an insufferable prick. You’re a singer cheesedick, so sing and stop telling the world how to fix itself. You wanna make a difference, spend YOUR money.

    Mark D

    1. ^^^ This! Completely agree! While it pained me, I even skipped the Joshua Tree reunion tour because of what an insufferable prick he had become.

      Under a Blood Red Sky and Rattle and Hum are right behind Joshua Tree (in my humble opinion).

    2. Absolutely accurate. Spend YOUR money and don’t be telling us what to do with ours. I had adolescent or pre-adolescent girls back when Taylor Swift was coming up. And I could understand her appeal because she wrote and performed songs that touched on emotions a lot of us had at that gawky age.

      Then she hit it big and became another insufferable bitch who thinks that because people listen to her music they must want to hear her opinion about Feminism, or how to vote, or lgtbqstfu issues.

  2. WWU should change the team’s name to “Wingnuts” so their mascot can keep that cool helmet!

  3. U2: Most overrated band. Ever.

    Although Springsteen, Petty, Dylan, & the Stones are all in the running.

    1. I’d add the Beatles, and anything with Sting in it, to the list. None of the above did bad music as such, but to listen to people gush, you’d think they came up with a cure for cancer.

      Plus I hate pretentious singers/band’s anyway, and Bono & U2 were among the pretentious of the pretentious.

    1. that’s ok. after their concubine duties they’ll have enough energy to clean the house and fix a meal while the lord of the domain takes a nap.

    2. There’s just no pleasing some people. Anyway, a change is as good as a holiday. Next time, we’ll look at the usual demographic…

      1. Heyy now don’t get tetchey. Didn’t say there was anything wrong with it, just a diversion.

  4. RE Boris and misogyny.

    I have worked in careers dominated by men and changed to a career dominated by women. Women as a whole are entirely more crude, crass, disgusting and appalling than any male locker room I have ever been in. Women will say the most disgusting and graphic things then look at you with a blank look on their face and deny that they’d every say anything so uncouth. They’d be shocked that you would call them out on it too. Screw Boris. BTW as an aside, I know the Brits have a reputation for poor dental hygiene but did their hair stylists and barbers sod off with the dentists as well? Jesus, Boris consistently looks like he got up on the wrong side of the bed and combed his hair with an egg beater. Those other beta males can sod right off too!


  5. In case you need further proof of ruinous inflation under Biden, those poor gals in the last two pictures can’t afford shoes.

    1. I’m impressed that there are cities where the streets are clean enough to go barefoot. Both pictures look European and I’ve never seen a city with streets that are clean enough for that here in Merica.

  6. Britney: Everything out of her piehole (and photos) only reinforces the reasoning behind her need for a babysitter. Maybe not her father, but she is obviously in need of a caretaker.

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