1. Place?
    Should be multiple places.
    If you can’t access a gun at all times on your property in less than 10 seconds you are wrong.

  2. Grab-a-gun has those Armscor copies of the 4″ Colt 38 revolver for under $300. I’m of a mind to buy 2 or 3 and keep them in various locations around the house, just because. Yeah, the guns ain’t gonna be great at that price, but how hard is it to make a functional .38? It should work well enough, I would think.

  3. My father had a friend “Dr. Stewart” who was a firearm accumulator. Not a collector, just acquired firearms by the pile.

    He kept one “everywhere”. As in a loaded .45 between the cushion and the arm of his easy chair. A loaded .45 on top of the fridge. One in the drawer of the nightstand.

    In the basement he had *piles* of guns.

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