Sauce For Goose AND Gander

So here’s this report:

Retired generals urge Pentagon to take steps to avert ‘civil war’ after 2024 election

“The Defense Department should war-game the next potential post-election insurrection or coup attempt to identify weak spots. It must then conduct a top-down debrief of its findings and begin putting in place safeguards to prevent breakdowns not just in the military, but also in any agency that works hand in hand with the military.”

I’m all over that thought.  But I should caution these old assholes that as usual, they’re preparing to fight the last war, not the next one.

You see, there will be no problems among military or even among ex-military, as they seem to be so nervous about, because the outcome of the next election is likely to be a resounding Republican victory.

But amongst all their little wargames, I hope these guys actually implement their action plans for when the Left starts an insurrection after Election 2024.  That, my old Rockjaws, is the more likely prospect.


  1. I expect the next election to be like the last one except with more criminality, lying media, and in your face communism. This is the new normal and politicians are under no inclination to change it. Eventually it’ll snap and it will all fall down.

    Avoid crowds.
    Head on a swivel.
    Mind your own business.
    Stay armed.

    1. Correct, and there will be another “Democratic landslide” with even more “irregularities that don’t influence the outcome” as there were in 2020.

      The “civil war in 2024” will only come if conservatives grow a backbone and stop keeling over and submitting to that. And if that comes the army will have been purged of every conservative at the rank of 1st lieutenant and up and WILL shoot at even unarmed protestors when told to do so by the DNC.

  2. Insurrection in 2024? I have what I think is a more likely scenario. 2022 is a massive shift towards the Republicans. The Progressives establishment immediately throws an equally massive nappy-soiling temper tantrum, which everybody but them is sick of in six months (if not three). 2024 rolls around and, contrary to the Progressive establishment’s delusions – which reward their toddler meltdown with a win for some reason – the nation rises up with a resounding ‘f*ck you, sit down and shut your pie hole’. The Progressives TRY to mount an ‘insurrection’, but find that all they can really manage is to burn down those few city centers that didn’t throw them out of office. The remainder will have elected people who remember that a gasoline bomb is a ‘deadly weapon’ vis a vis use of force rules, and instruct their police to shoot morons with such in hand ready to throw.

    1. It could go either way – as you display, or, the Kurt Schlecter Red State\Blue State split he’s written about. The scary thing is, it comes more to reality with each passing day.

      Blue America would be a basket case. They wouldn’t be able to feed themselves, provide energy, and protect themselves. And, they’d belabor that to whinny-pitch to the Red States, as their fault. Let them. All the current Blue-led cities are bleeding, burning, and are festering S-holes of their own doing, but the Blue leadership projects its turmoils to the Republican element. Baltimore is prime example – has not had a REP mayor in quite a while, but, its current malaise, crime, and murder rampage is all on “how the Republicans’ fail to allow us to govern correctly.” Mayor Scott said that in an actual recent speech.

      I don’t see open warfare, but I do see pockets of conflict, followed by areas seceding themselves from the rest of the deranged Country.

      1. “I don’t see open warfare, but I do see pockets of conflict, followed by areas seceding themselves from the rest of the deranged Country.”

        You just described 1858 – 1860. Which is ongoing now, witness Portland et alia where BLM, Antifa, etc. are creating pockets of conflict much like what happened in Missouri and Kansas in the way back then time. 2024 will be our 1861.

  3. The last election would have been a resounding Republican victory, had it been a legitimate election. What makes you think that 2024 will be any better? Vote harderer!

    1. Have to agree.
      As long as there are ‘copying’ capabilities ( printers, copyers etc. ) and/or
      shedders ( destroy your opponent’s votes ) and/or computers ( God helps us )
      AND there are NO consequencies to ANYONE for what happened in the last election right in front of you, me, God and everyone else,
      we don’t have a snowballs chance in hell in 2024 !
      I’ve been saying for some time folks – It’s OVER, unless, only unless ……………..
      They have tasted complete power. Between having Congress and the WH in their hands AND being able to control LARGE groups of people via an intentional attack with a disease and continuing ‘treatments’ for said disease, they
      essentially control the country and they ARE NOT going to surrender that
      almost absolute power quietly, peacefully or easily.
      If 2024 appears to be running against them, and they see no way of stopping or changing it, someone somewhere, intentionally or not, will light the fuse and and at that point God help us all ’cause we’re gonna need it !
      There has been a slow, methodical, intentional, well planned march towards the
      point where the left could and would be in control / power FOREVER and no matter how much I wish, I don’t see it stopping. I’ve watched it happening for far too many years.
      I’ll continue to vote, if I’m ALLOWED to do so – think about THAT possibility
      for a moment – no ‘vaccine passport’ ? Sorry – you can’t vote, we got rid of all the mail-in and remote voting because of all of the fraud accusations from the ‘RIGHT’ !

  4. But I guess it IS okay to outline plans for a military coup right in front of dog and everybody if the election doesn’t turn out the way these three flucking crassholes like, right?

    And people wondered what Bathhouse Barry was doing with the military.
    This is what he was doing, making generals out of people who obviously shouldn’t even have been Butter Bars.

    Like Milley, when the adults take control again these three should, at a minimum, lose their pensions and perks.
    It’s comical that (alleged) military men could look at what happened on the 6th of January 2021 and even begin to think the word ‘insurrection’ applies.
    That number of people, ‘armed’ as they were, would have been lucky to hold a couple rooms in the capitol building for a few hours, let alone overthrow the government of a nation that spans a continent.
    It’s like claiming pissing on a forest fire is a valid effort to put it out.

    Jan 6th was a barely even a riot, despite the hyper emotional bloviating from the morons in Congress, the Democratic party, and the Media (but I repeat myself, twice)

  5. I’m worried about this. Very worried. Until recently, perhaps until this article appeared, I figured the “civil war” would not be a hot war, but more along the lines of governors like Abbot and DeSantis telling the GOV to FRO, sheriffs defying unconstitutional laws and edicts, etcetera. The Great Migration (out of CA, IL, NY, and NJ to better places) would continue apace, and we’d more or less get along as best we could after the population realignment.

    Now, I’m worried about a hot war. And Kim, like you, I don’t think we will start it, I think the Prognazis will start it. But once started, the proverbial genie will be out of the bottle. It won’t be limited to official combatants, it will be total war. Once pushed to it, Real America may realize that we cannot win in the press, the courts, or at the ballot box, and they have NO intention of giving up power, and the only way to stop tranny perverts teaching kindergarten classes, get the American energy industry going again, stop this inflation, give our doctors the freedom to treat patients as they see fit, and patients to choose doctors who operate the way they prefer, is … well, you get the picture. Politicians, poxy school board members, bureaucrats of all types, federal LEOs, local DA’s, will all be fair game.

    You’ve noted here, and it has been said elsewhere, we are not the ones likely to kick this thing off. But when they push past that one last straw (pick one, pick any one–here’s an example ) we will certainly finish it. And the Progs won’t like how it goes. It will (I fervently hope) look a lot like Mel Gibson in the movie Patriot.

    Six months ago I’d have said the population realignment and various parts of the country telling the feds to FRO would have been the end game. Now? I think it’s probably better than 50/50 this civil war goes hot. I’m not hoping for it, but it is now not outside the realm of reasonable possibility.

  6. I don’t know about the resounding Republican victory you predict.

    There will of course be some new variant of the Chinkflu requiring lockdowns/social-distancing and of course mail-in voting because it’s not safe to vote in person.

    Plus millions of illegal aliens, who will all receive mail-in ballots, strategically places in places that were formerly reliably red, turning them purple at best of not deep blue.

    Plus, of course with those population changes we’ll need to change the Congressional allocations. It’s SO very important we may need to have a census outside of the normal timeframe. Unconstitutional? Not according to the new seventeen member Supreme Court. Who will of course also agree that the Constitution doesn’t require the Electoral College.

    I hope to God I’m wrong about all of that.

    Mark D

    1. I hope to God you’re wrong about that, too. But you know what they say about wish in one hand and S**t in the other and see which hand fills up first.

      I swore after the last election I would never vote again. Why bother, when it was clearly like an election in Venezuela? We will still be using the same machines, they will still be using the same tactics. I will vote this time if only so salve my conscience if and when the hot war starts. I will be able to tell them, “Well, I tried to avert this, but you guys fucked that up! Again. Now reap the whirlwind.”

      I am not very hopeful at a miraculously fair election any time soon. If ever.

    2. And the newly wokified US Army standing ready to put down any “insurrection” because clearly all those conservative “white supremacist rightwing extremist rebels” are “an enemy internal” and therefore a “clear and present danger to the constitution of the United States”.

  7. Best I can do is second the sentiment seen above. I do believe the USA is dead and am waiting to see what will happen over the next 12 months.

    Keep your powder dry and your shooting arms close.

  8. 2024, I’ll be 83 – if I make it that far. If necessary, I’ll downsize from the M1a to an AR if that’s what it takes to stay “at the front”. Of course, here on the Top of the World on The Great Basin, it will be interesting to see what comes our way, but we do have valuable mining assets to protect. We are uniquely blessed by not having anything the mobs in our urban centers wish to destroy, plus their possible realization that they would be invading a virtual NO MAN’s LAND that they would be lucky to leave. These could be interesting times.

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