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From the CEOs of Southwest and American, testifying during some Congressional hearing:

“I think the case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting.  High-grade HEPA air filters on planes capture virtually all airborne contamination and air quality is helped by how frequently cabin air is exchanged with fresh air from outside the cabin.”

So much for masking policies on airliners.


  1. So does this mean we can’t wear women’s panties on our faces anymore while flying? We have to breath the air from the planes built in hepa filters?

    Are the hepa filters in the planes made out of the same materials as ladies undies? If so, new or recycled?

  2. That was very surprising from someone who was going to shit can his employees two weeks ago for not getting the jab.

  3. The air outside the plane at 30 thousand feet has very little oxygen. I think the CEO is full of shit about that part but I agree that the mask are just this side of useless.

    1. The air at 30K feet altitude is composed of the same gases in the same porportions as air at sea level – ~78% nitrogen, ~21% oxygen and 1% for all the rest ( hence the looming threat to mankind from CO2 ! /soff ), there is, however, a whole lot LESS AIR at 30K feet but compressors take care of that issue both for air inside the cabin as well as feeding those engines sufficient air for them to function.
      As for masks, could not agree with you more. The common light blue paper masks used by many are ‘dust masks’. I used them sanding drywall and they don’t even stop drywall dust, the particles of which are a hell of a lot larger than a virus !!
      Catch the video of the guy exhaling while weariung a mask. The ‘smoke’ comes out the bottom, out the top right under the eyes, out the sides towards your ears and THROUGH the mask material ! The masks are and have been from day one, USELESS ! Just all part of a fear and CONTROL campaign, nothing more.

  4. 20 months later and no one has released any standard for appropriate and effective masks. What thread counts need to be used for the masks? how many layers of cloth? What material does the mask need to be made of etc? Even N95 masks need to be fit tested to be effective yet the general public has not done that. The directions on the box of N95 masks state that they do not stop the spread of viruses.


    1. “Fitting tightly around the nose and mouth” is the closest I can find to anything resembling a regulation in California. A latex Biden mask fits (sorry) those requirements. I’ve been looking for one with Gavin Newsom’s hale-fellow-well-met, glad-handing and back-slapping smiling political face, but no luck yet.

      1. The only thing I want to “fit tightly around the nose and mouth” is a plastic bag, over Fauci’s nose and mouth, but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this.

  5. TSA: Security Theatre
    Masking: Pandemic Theatre
    Congress: Political Theatre
    In the real world of Theatre, these would all have

  6. Government is a force multiplier for insanity.

    The world…happens. It’s a chaotic place, and bad things happen.

    The insane, cowardly people to government: “DO SOMETHING!”
    The government: “OK, DO THIS! GOOD AND HARD!”
    The sane, sensible and reasonably brave people: “Uh…no, thank you!”
    At which point, the government points guns at the sane and sensible on behalf of the insane and cowardly. The forces of evil laugh, and counts votes and treasure.

  7. Followed immediately by the head of the stewardesses union “Nazzofast there, buddy. There are serious issues of workplace safety for our members and we’re not flying with unmasked passengers until hell freezes over.”

  8. Which in turn is followed by the head of the Pilots Union who wants to say. “We don’t care what the freight in the back of the plane does. We are sealed off up here and we’ve never been wearing thoose silly paper masks and nobody’s ever complained.”

    ….. But he won’t let that cat out of the bag.

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