News Roundup

If you thought last week’s roundup was bad…

…clearly, J&J’s bribe wasn’t large enough.

and if he’d been executed for the first murders, she’d still be alive today.

what’s to wonder?

Also via Insty:

rough guess: 

it would be worth freeing the loathsome toad, just to see all the #MeToo womyns’ hair spontaneously ignite.


best con trick ever.

no mention, of course of the number of men killed daily.

sounds eerily like Gretchen Whitmer’s plan for Christmas in Michigan.

having seen Scottish teens in action, the likely result was “Yes: 100%” — for both sexes.

And two reports from the Woke Bullshit Department:

that’s called a “Biden”And it happened sixteen years ago.

proving that OMG not even virtual reality is safe from #ToxicMasculinity.

And from the annals [sic]  of Gen Z / Millennial Deep Thoughts:

I dunno;  probably something to with “rent”, “groceries”, “gasoline” and “electricity” not to mention “ammunition” for when it really does end.

And now is time for the INSIGNIFICA:


And one with a link:

in a “lemons/lemonade” scenario, I see a promising and lucrative OnlyFans career in her futureCue the outrage in 3…2…1…

Some more “normal” youngins for Christmas:

Eva Habermann

Sophia Vergara

Elizabeth Montgomery

Zooey Deschanel

Some chick sent to me by Reader Old Texan

Hey, at my age, they’re all youngins.


  1. “The world as we know it is ending. Why are we still at work?”

    Vox was hoping for a break from capitalism, yet they have a banner at the top of the page begging readers for money.

    That’s like putting “Born to Kill” on your helmet and wearing a peace button.

  2. So certain vaccines are no longer acceptable? How long before all of the people that got the J&J jab have to get re jabbed with another brand otherwise they will not be considered “fully vaccinated”.

    On the topic. “Fully”. What the hell does that mean?


    – I filled my gas tank in the car. NOT I “fully” filled the gas tank in my car.

    – “fully” loaded??? LOADED! Where the fuck does “fully” come in. Do you ever load less than to capacity? If so, why?

    You are either vaccinated or not. I suspect “fully” is a new term that means the powers that be can keep moving the goal post. Got only 2 jabs? Need 3 now to be “fully”. Got the J&J jab? Need to add 2 of a different brand to be “fully”.

    This is bullshit.

      1. Or ‘fully’ pregnant ?? !!
        These conditions are ‘you either is or you ain’t’, there is no door number three !

  3. Having cut the cord more than a decade ago, I am blissfully insulated from the Snookies of the world.

  4. Doesn’t Sophia Vergara remind you of Susan Day (yes, I know I’m REALLY dating myself)?

    Except Latina.

    With tits.

  5. Poor Shauna Rae. She should go to ballroom dancing classes. The teacher will pair her with the tallest guy there. Job done.

    And that Metaverse groping: are we sure the groper was male?

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