1. Damn 178! I am in my late 30s and always had a thing for cougars. What is 178? Antique?

    Seriously though, is the media smokin’ that good stuff?

    Didn’t Biden say he was in the senate for over 100 years at one point?

    Damn this world is full of morons… something got lost in the mix here. And proofreading isn’t the only thing that was lost.

    1. The article is brief and was likely done on a smartphone. I find my fat fingers constantly hitting the “b” instead of the space bar and constantly have to go back and delete the “b” and enter the space intended. Then again, you are correct on the sloppy nature of current editors and writers. Our local home town paper is a hoot in that respect. All of 8 pages and at least 5 typos or errors a day.
      Then again, a lot of the content comes direct from the AP which is abysmal and so far left it is painful to read, even between the lines.

  2. I have noticed the last couple of yrs that books seem not to have proofreaders anymore. Loads of grammar errors, misspelling, typos like repeat sentences or fragments etc. A couple of times I sent authors a list of these, but received no response. I am guessing that folks just don’t care today.

    The cited headline error should have been picked up easily but today it just slides through.

  3. Seems that someone pointed out the error and corrected it, the lovely lass is 17.

    Being half Squarehead (aka Norwegian), I can tell you that you do NOT fuck around with Norwegian women if you want to keep your gonads (or head) firmly affixed. Mom was 5’3″ tall, mother of six (five boys, and two sets of twins. I’m the youngest) and when she decided she’d had enough of your shit you’d better turn off the shit-nozzle or it would NOT end well for you. My half-Irish father behaved himself when Mom got pissed.

    She’d have turned 102 this year were she still around. Squarehead women are a force of nature.

    Mark D

    1. HA! I’ve never really known which Skandiwhovian tribe were the squareheads. I’m either a blockhead or a boxhead, but not really sure which is which. (Swede, Finn, or Dane)

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