Oooh, this man is a national treasure.

A Florida man wearing red women’s underwear as a face mask was kicked off an airplane prior to takeoff – followed by other passengers who also got off in support.

He added that wearing the underwear as a face mask was intended to show the absurdity of masking on a plane until it reaches cruising altitude, when passengers are then allowed to remove their masks to eat and drink.
‘There’s nothing more absurd than having to wear a mask until I get to cruising altitude so that I can order Tito’s by the double and snack on pretzels, and illustrating that absurdity by wearing women’s underwear on my face sounds perfect,’ said Jenne.


Victoria’s Secret, here I come.


  1. If you’re ever inclined to act like you’re complying with their silly mask requirements, I recommend Their specialty is masks that are so thin, they don’t do anything.

    Their web site can be hinky because their service providers keep trying to cancel them in a variety of ways, since their fake masks meet requirements without actually doing anything, and expose the hypocrisy.

    1. Kamala Harris asks if the face diaper she just put on after giving a knob job hides the payload the receiver of said service peaked on her lips and in her mouth…

  2. As my Property Law Professor thundered in class one day, “REASON! Hell, there is no reason; it’s just the law!”

    I’ve been looking for a rubber Gavin Newsom mask, but no luck. I’m almost certain that there is no legal definition of an adequate mask, so a rubber Biden mask should be satisfactory, since it does fit tightly around the nose and mouth.

  3. OBEY!, do as you are TOLD! do NOT question MY AUTHORITY! We have WAYS to convince you to OBEY!
    Papers Please, Papeiren Bitte. Masks are required to enter this facility.
    Direktor Fauci has decreed that conformance to his diktat is not negotiable. Emperor Poopy Pants agrees with Direktor Fauci. Hands behind your back, you’re under arrest.
    Lets GO Brandon! Lets GO Brandon, Lets GO Brandon.

    1. IT’S FAUX CHEE and in addition to ordering you to wear a face diaper, he wants to know if you have your papers to prove you got your cooties jab.

  4. Maybe we should demand one of those individual plastic enclosures equipped with a hepa filter, sanitized and disinfected, for each and every seat. You can’t be TOO safe.

  5. I would argue that this man’s first amendment rights were violated when the airline kicked him off of the flight for wearing women’s undies as a facemask.

    The first amendment applies sometimes to clothing and garments. For example, when someone wears a “LET’S GO BRANDON” T Shirt, and it “offends” someone… “YOUR RIGHTS DON’T END WHERE SOMEONE ELSE’S FEARS BEGIN”. Your rights to wear said “offensive shirt” overrules the offenders objections to such material.

    I think this man should retain a lawyer and file a civil rights lawsuit against the airline.

    Also, for practical purposes in terms of the mask itself, other masks are made of the same or similar material as this underwear, so what exactly was the problem from a practical perspective?

    Anyone else notice that Joe Biden has exited Air Force One several times, WITH HIS MASK ON, ask he walks down the steps, WITH HIS MASK ON, and across the tarmac, WITH HIS MASK ON, and then “RESIDENT” JOE BIDEN then removes the mask to meet and greet a guest, handshakes, hugs, kisses, gropes etc, and all this interaction with NO MASK?

    Finally, Can Kamala Harris, or any female of her type (those who have worn knee pads and used them to suck their way to the tip top), give proper lip service while wearing a face diaper?

    1. The lawyer may also consider a contract-violation suit – they took his money, and required a mask, for travel; he paid, wore a mask, and they denied him travel.

  6. OK, so the women’s undies are offensive, got it. Can a man wear a sanitary napkin over their face then?

    This would be a creative way to use existing materials to come up with a new idea of a mask to protect from the cerveza bug… Kind of along the lines of cutting off the fingers of a latex glove and using those in the place of a condom.

    The sanitary napkins are absorbent and disposable. If one did use a sanitary napkin as a face diaper, and then went to throw said mask away after use, would it be considered medical waste?

    Maybe the sanitary napkin is too offensive for some… ok a muzzle! Maybe that would work! Off to the pet store!

      1. Probably because the packages of masks I’ve seen have a “non-sterile” stamp on the package. Could a bunch of those covid deaths be victims of contaminated masks? And just what are these millions of masks made of? How many contain dusts or fibers that can damage lungs of users when worn months on end every day?
        Thinking about the ongoing Wuhan Flu fiasco brings Chinese fire drill or Chinese clusterfuck to mind.

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