1. Babbin was summarizing the Left’s stupidity — he never actually said it on his own behalf. Check the link.

  1. The only reason Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted was because there were a ton of street photographers out documenting the whole thing from every angle so as to catch the MSM and the prosecutors in their lies, and because there’s still 12 honest humans left in America.

  2. I was mostly OK with the article until this part:

    “Some conservatives say that the Rittenhouse verdict proves that everyone should have an AR-15 with a thirty-round magazine. That’s as untrue as the liberals’ lines.”

    That’s the point where the author revealed his true stripes.

    1. As an FFL, I can assure you that not everyone should have a firearm, especially an AR, as anything more complicated than the Whammo slingshot is way too complicated for them to operate:
      You see them everyday driving down the road with their turn-signals on.

      1. As I say, there are some people I would go hunting with, even though they owe me money. There are others who I am unhappy that they know where the kitchen knives are.

    2. They ARE wrong. There’s a long list of over-30 rd mags for various platforms that people should be considering. It’s only good manners to be thoughtful and bring enough for everyone.

      And then there’s always belt fed…

      Oh,wait. The point. Missed it again, didn’t I?

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