1. Tatiana was a Russian spy sent to Amerika in 1953. A year later she had located the chief scientist of the UFO reverse engineering project in Dayton Ohio. This vintage FBI photograph clearly shows her tempting said scientist with a classic KGB honey trap technique.

    She later defected to the US. Married said smart guy and bore him numerous children. The FBI handlers insisted she change the names of her babies for op sec reasons. That is how we wound up with Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Al Sharpton. The latter was the result of an assignation with a USPS letter carrier in her new neighborhood.

  2. “Hey that chair will leave a pattern on your ass.”
    “It will fade in a few minutes.”
    “It will fade in a few minutes, right?”

  3. Gloria Sue looking ever so fine with her new perm, getting that nice, well oiled, tan, she buried her last WWI vet husband who left her in good shape when he passed on last year and she is now ready to hit the VFW and see if she can catch another old timer before the Russians blow us all to hell. Gloria has learned to be ever so selective when she finally lands a rich one just like bringing in a large trout fly fishing with ultra light line and a tiny fly, they never have any idea what happened until it is over, landed, mounted and hung on the wall. Born in 1920, she is now 35 and she will live to be 101 in 2021 living well and laughing all the way, never underestimate the power of Coppertone !

  4. Sixty-five years ago a foundling was left on a doorstep…. today she’s Speaker of The House.

    1. Depends on the circumstance, but considering I used to think about sex about 90% of the time, 75% is still quite acceptable.

  5. [voice-over] “Another stunning example of Kodachrome triple-layer color-saturation, a remarkable process decades ahead of…”
    Director — “Cut! Harlan, her bush is escaping again. Could we maybe pluck some strays… wadja think?”

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