News Roundup

When will it ever end?

I always suspected something like that was going on.

this is going to end well, just not for him.

Dept. Of Irony:

guess she wasn’t really her best friend after all.

From the Josef Goebbels Memorial Wing:

And in medical news:

this being Italy, she probably said that just to protect her cousin.

From the Karma Is A Cold Bitch Department:

no reports on how many people showed up at his funeral, or whether there was laughter.

And from the Department Of The Blindingly Obvious:


where would we be without polls and reports?

no doubt, the Jews will be blamed.  Again.



I suppose that means we’ll be stuck with the Kardashians and Lizzo forever.  Hand me the pills, Simon.

a.k.a. the “Frozen” Syndrome.

it might have been even worse had we actually seen Gaga’s well-trodden pudenda.

And here’s Marilyn, just so that everyone can see what I’m talking about:

Not even close.


  1. I’ll save you a click folks, she had her old meat dress on underneath and it did look like a hand grenade in a deli case sans pin

    Bobby O’Rourke going for yet another loss. Does this define stubborness or what?

    Biden gets pegged by Xi, no surprise.


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