1. About 50 years after the end of WW II, I read a comment by a veteran of His Majesty’s artillery who served from 1939 to 1945 in the European theater (or theatre, since he was a Brit). He said he couldn’t drive through the country without looking at the terrain and deciding where the guns should be placed.

  2. When I was a USAF Targeting Officer, on long drives, I’d often find myself idly estimating the types and numbers of weapons I’d need to use to take out various buildings, bridges and other stuff as I drove past;
    “ya know I think 2 MK-84s would do a nice job on that bridge abutment…”

  3. I was astonished in Italy, as I always am, at the general slimness of Italians and Italian women in particular.

    We North Americans are fat in comparison. The Italian ladies dress much better ours too.

    Even worse for the comparison, we were on a cruise in and out of Rome and cruises attract sedentary greedy people, and we had some ginormous sweat-hogs aboard wearing things that had to be from tent and awning supply houses.

    So, thanks for the images of the lovely ladies, especially those from Italy.

  4. Until I read the caption, I was sure that was a photo of California’s onetime replacement governor candidate, Caitlyn, “Bruce” Jenner.

    1. That’s Michigan’s governor, Wretched Whitless. I’m surprised that I never thought of her before in that way – one good stripper gone to waste.

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