1. And at various times the buttons get switched around. So you’ll never learn a pattern

  1. Labeled in black on a black raised letters on a black background, and the buttons change function based on what other buttons are being pressed at the same time.

    So, girls are like VCRs; you can program them by pushing the buttons, but nobody knows where the manual is.

  2. Also not very affordably priced, often don’t work well, are excessively complex, hard to read, never around when you want them, and often are used when you think they’re new.

  3. Am I detecting faint traces of bitterness in this thread…?

    Or is it just experience talking?

  4. I just noticed, with some surprise that we no longer modify ‘phone’ with cellphone… And as I was cleaning a phone plate in my kitchen (for a wall phone I don’t have) that I should probably just get a blank plate for it.

    I have one wired line to my house, which is a combination security line / emergency POTS line / fax machine line (for my multifunction printer)… Which I cannot recall ever using, at least with this printer.

    I guess POTS is truly dying, if not already.

    1. I still hold on to my POTS line. because if I dial 911 on my Cell it goes to a State Dispatcher who then, may, when they have the time, call the local town dispatcher. When I dial 911 on the POTS line it goes direct to the Town Dispatcher, who generally has nothing else to do.

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