News Roundup

About as bad as usual, hence the level of commentary.

death by mannequin:  now there’s a fine tombstone epitaph.

I didn’t even know that New Mexico had any GOP voters, let alone an organization.

exactly who is this “we” you speak of?

you married a rock star and expected to be treated like a princess?

much as I care nothing for this issue, I should point out to the Ginger Whinger that as this ceremony is being held in the United States, he has a First Amendment right — you know, the one he didn’t “get” — to wear his old lieutenant’s uniform from his tours of duty in Afghanistan — it’s the only part of his pre-Meghan life that we respect anyway.

key phrase:  South Africa.

okay, I just made this one up.  Or did I?

And now, some  INSIGNIFICA:



that’s it:  they’re doomed.

Finally, from the Dept. of Total Suckage:

and the world mourns.



  1. Golden Penis. WTF?

    When I was in college, the engineer school had several hundred men and two – that’s 2 – women. And while they might have had a golden vagina (I have no way of knowing firsthand), the rest of us did what any respecting hunter/gatherer culture would do, we trolled the local high schools and junior colleges for our dates.

    But don’t be surprised when that doesn’t turn out well for ya’ll women either. When we gave you the right to vote (Dear Lord, what a mistake), ya’ll promptly started voting for daddy govt to take care of everyone. You’ve created a world where a woman needs a man like a fish need a bicycle and guess what, here we are.

    I’m glad to be happily married (26 years) and hope to never be in the dating market again.

    1. you’re absolutely right about engineering school. I changed careers from engineering and construction management to one with the ratio of men to women is reversed. I feel sorry for these 20 year old guys now.


      1. I have a B.A. in history. We had plentiful females in our discipline. None that you’d ever want to touch though. (Ugh, Shudder,…Memories).

        Good for dudes. I hope the trend keeps going. I dont know why any man would get attached these days. Its nothing but a financial time-bomb and if God forbid he fathers children with said harpies, a hostage situation involving his offspring.

        Instead of bitching about men maybe Feminism can look in the mirror, but then it wouldn’t really be Feminism.

    2. The “We” who need to put a stop to the Golden Penis Syndrome are, of course, the possessors of the Golden Vagina, and they need to put a stop to it because otherwise theirs will tarnish and then they will have to relate to others as humans and equals.

      “A man needs a feminist the way a bicyclist needs a fishwife.”

    1. Nah, for the first one to qualify, he’d have to have used a live crocodile to beat the guy to death. And been a policeman.

      As for the cobra: could also have been in Australia or SE Asia, so not especially an African story.

  2. Golden penis syndrome? That is funny. I think it is the hook up apps that are what makes the difference.
    Back in the early 80’s the college I went to was 8 to 1 female to male ratio. They had a large School Teacher school and Nursing school. A small equalizer was the Air Force base that was 15 miles down the road. It was easy to get a date but I did end up marrying the girl I was dating when I was a senior. We have been together 38 years.

  3. My understanding is that Captain Wales performed honorably with skill and courage during his Afghanistan tour. I would have no problem shaking his hand.

    Prince Harry on the other hand, means about as to me as any other inbred Eurotrash aristocrat. I.e. get over yourself and go away kid, you’re bothering me.

  4. As for the “Blinded by Love” story, it is an old chestnut that the ideal combination is a blind wife and a deaf husband. That so many are threatened by men looking even at pictures of women reveals what is really going on if the woman in the relationship subscribes to Town and Country, Vogue, or House Beautiful.

  5. NM GOP: Yes, they have an organization, but it is very transitory as the new CA Republican arrivals become acclimated to TX values in about 6-mos and then complete their journey to Tejas.

    1. Well then, being a black man as he claims, he’s actuarilly due to check out. I want to watch the state funeral (sound muted – couldn’t stand the bullshit eulogizing) just to rejoice in the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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