Well Deserved

I have always loved Michael Caine’s acting work — whether his debut starring performance in Zulu, followed by Alfie, Educating Rita, Get Carter, and of course the exquisite Second Hand Lions, among countless others.

In fact, Caine has been one of the hardest-working actors of his, or any, generation — his first appearance on screen was in 1946 — so if Sir Michael has decided to pack it in at the ripe old age of 88, then good for him, say I.

What I always liked about Michael Caine was that he never forgot his roots — growing up in absolute poverty in London’s East End, he remained rooted in reality and unlike so many others, he never let the Hollywood bug get its claws into him.

I think I have more than a few of his movies in my DVD collection — ah, I see Zulu, Harry Brown, Pulp and Little Voice., not to mention appearances in A Bridge Too Far and Battle of Britain... choices, choices, choices.


  1. One of my favorites too.

    Funny thing is no matter the part, he gave it his all. He played Alfred in some of the Batman comic-book movies, and frankly I think he stole the show as well as delivering one of the best lines ever: “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

    Funny, I have both A Bridge Too Far and Battle of Britain on DVD, and can’t recall his appearances in either. Guess I have to watch them now!

    Mark D

  2. Can’t think of a role Caine did not make better. Man Who Would be King, is one of my favorites. Saw his retirement announcement and thought, “Well deserved sir”.

    1. I have to agree that “The Man Who Would Be King” is one of the finer movies ever made. Michael Caine and Sean Connery starring in it, Christopher Plummer as Kipling, and the third star of the flick, Saeed Jeffrey as “Billyfish” round out a superb cast. Directed by John Huston with a cast of thousands.

      If you don’t have this one on your own medium (get the BluRay) you should get it as soon as possible, since it’s so politically incorrect I’m sure it will be banned by all the companies selling it (I’m looking at YOU, Amazon).

  3. Not saying it’s his best work, but Second Hand Lions, IMNSHO, is one of the best, mostly fly under the radar movies ever made. Robert Duvall is just as good as Caine in it, and the two of them partnered is exquisite. In my top ten list for sure, and probably my second most-watched movie ever, and folks have rarely heard of it when I mention it.

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