Nothing Wrong

Quite a rumpus has ensued following this man’s gentle reminder that private property is, in fact, private:

A homeowner has divided opinion by coming up with a unique method to stop people taking a shortcut across his front lawn.
CCTV footage posted on TikTok shows several people getting soaked by an automatic sprinkler if they get too close to the man’s house.

At the heart of all of this is the extended form of socialism which gives people the “right” to disregard someone else’s property rights just because it’s a “shortcut” (i.e. they being too lazy to walk an extra few yards along the sidewalk).

And if a mild soaking seems outrageous, consider anti-personnel mines, which ia what I might have considered in his situation.


    1. Even better, at the end of his live interview on Fox New, he blurted out “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” You gotta love this guy.

  1. Most people just put up a fence. He has a corner lot with a lawn in an urban area, what did he expect was going to happen ? It’s just like the people who buy a house near the Airport and then complain about noise.

    ….. But it is a creative solution. Better than a dog on a chain.

    1. Back in the day up in New Jersey, I was looking for a gun club to join. On two separate occasions as I was flipping through the channels I came upon a town council from a nearby town where my closest option was located. The gun club had been there for nearly fifty years. When it started all the surrounding land was farming. Now the Johnny Come Latelys were bitching about noise and the occasional 22 LR bullet. Not only were they late, but there were statements in their deeds indicating the presence of the gun club just over the berm. Needless to say I joined a club many more mi”es away without these problems.

  2. “Get off my lawn.” He could have stood out there with an M-1, the sprinkler is probably better and it’s fun to watch.

  3. Be funnier if he injected dye into the sprinkler feed.

    I suppose using gasoline instead of water would be a step too far? (after all if they catch fire they might run towards your house)

  4. Homeowner in a neighborhood where I used to go running (late night/early morning, when I worked night shift) had a similar set up. Except his motion sensor had enough range that running by on the sidewalk would set it off.

    It always scared the crap out of me, because it sounded like a rattlesnake.

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