1. John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences” is another, but it is doubtful which reality she would choose. One is ancient history, the other is a work of fiction by one of the very deplorables she seeks to unperson.

  2. I have to get out to the range, too. I bought new sights for my .22lr rifle about a year ago and I have to finish the sighting in process.

  3. Commandos, Afrikaner with Enfields and maybe an early Mauser in the background, I don’t know,,,,,, Not the kind of men you want to pick a fight with I think.

  4. Those are some hard faced bastards. That guy at front right has the look of a stone cold killer.

    I would not want to have fought them.

    1. The guy on the left looks like he has instructions to keep the guy on the right from getting out of hand.

  5. 1893 Mauser on the left. Must be later in the war after supplies from Germany were running out and they started using British arms.

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