News Roundup

Here we go again:

not to mention all that “undocumented shopping” going on.

doing the job that the Feddle Gummint won’t, the motherfuckers.

more like a by-product of American feminism, but whatever.

you mean, like when Trump was President?

and you’re absolutely not a fucking fascist, you rancid old bitch.

to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

you mean, Future POTUS DeSantis.

From the Dept. Of Suckage:

sad, but understandable.  Thanks for all the hard work, guys.

and if I gave a shit about the NFL or what it was doing, this would be upsetting.

And now, some more INSIGNIFICA:


And speaking of things being good enough to eat:

Call me a far right-wing extremist, then… and by the way, Bone Daddy’s “burnt ends” are addictive.


  1. That’s a real shame about the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. I haven’t been in many years (back when a guy could afford to buy ammo by the pallet), but it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a range. We had our own lane and easily blew through thousands of rounds of various types of ammo that weekend. Then when it was all over the windshield in my truck became a victim of gun violence (ricochet) partly due to the “Rock Star” parking spot I had secured close to the range. Good times, great memories!

  2. Stationed at Ft Knox for 8 yrs and never bothered to attend….Kicking myself now, boss….

  3. Re: Jon Gruden
    It would be a hoot if Gruden just said “To Hell With It”, engaged the services of a really good lawyer, and compelled the release of ALL the emails involved in this little vendetta against him.
    Let’s get all the dirty laundry out in the open no matter whose name is attached to it.

  4. Shame to hear Knob Creek is ending. I would have thought that they would have developed others to do the coordination etc then just sat back and collected the income.

    mmmmmm beef!!! Great pictures!! now I’m craving steak!

    I’d be more interested if the entire email chain was released from that football coach. Until that happens I am not even morbidly curious. The NFL, NBA and most of popular sports can rot on the vine. Their wokeness sickens me.


  5. The nurse looks like she works at the Heart Attack Grill in Vegas. Gotta love bottles of wine (not good wine) served in IV bags. Burgers listed by how many patties. Chili dogs you have to go digging to find the dog. And if you weigh over 350, you eat free. Oh, and the waitresses are definitely easy on the eyes.

  6. “ Three Algerian migrants are run over and
    killed by a train in France after lying
    down on tracks for a sleep”

    Median IQ of the human species rises a small fraction;

  7. Shame revolver girl doesn’t know what a gun belt is supposed to do, judging by the junk she is wearing.

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