1. Uh huh; Oktoberfest in Germany is the last 2 weeks in September as anyone who’s actually been there knows. But there are plenty of other Fall festivals in Europe at that time of year.

  1. Fall is actually quite nice in Michigan. Few things better than a fall afternoon spent at Michigan stadium. And, it hardly ever snows here before November and often not until December.

    With respect to the St Pauli girl, those mountains look fake but what a come hither look she has!

    1. I hunted for about 20 years in the UP. White tail opening day is November 15 and I remember lots of years when the woods looked just like Kim’s picture and the first day of winter was still five weeks away. The snow made it easier to follow blood trails and with sufficient quantities of 90 proof antifreeze life was good. I quit hunting when the last guy in our camp (except for me) passed away. He was cremated and we sprinkled his ashes at the spot where he shot his last deer. I really miss the big woods.

      1. The UP is pretty much a different state from Michigan. Part of it is both north and west of Green Bay.

  2. Pumpkin beer. Better if shaken well, not stirred, then hit something moving around 3000 fps.

  3. Kim,
    You’re absolutely dead nuts on for Autumn.

    Autumn means October fest, apples, changing landscape and crisp mornings. As far as whether Fraulein Octobers Alps are real or not is well worth further research

    The Babylon Bee should push a story that imprint spice causes facial wrinkles and boob saggage.


  4. Never thought Pauline girl would be wearing spike heels. Always figure her for flats or a more sensible choice.

    If you are carrying mass quantities of ale about you need a solid base.

  5. Another cute meme covering at least two dastardly lies!

    It IS Fall in San Antonio, and there’s a definite chill in the air. It’s only 90 degrees in the DAYTIME now, and not all goddamn day and night. Why, I’ve even had to start wearing long-sleeved shirts.

    PLUS, we don’t get all that weird “fall color” yet; leaves turn brown next month, all fall off in a single week, and we’re done with that crap. Except for the live oaks: green year ’round, dropping old leaves….year ’round.

  6. I’ve always felt that Budweiser should run a campaign that simply said “Beer flavored beer”

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