News Roundup

…which includes some actual news, this time.  I’ll let y’all decide which.

Biden said he’d been misquoted, and clarified his earlier statement by saying “We can cure cancer by drinking water.”

when we’ve lost the Swiss, it’s all over.

and the nation panics.

key word:  Houston.  In Dallas, it would have been four or five times.

and despite its surreal headline, it’s actually a worthwhile story.

From the Dept. of the Blindingly Obvious:

which includes vaccines for measles, smallpox, TB, you name it.

And speaking of the Third World:

when asked for comment, African and Australian government officials just giggled like little girls.

yeah, let’s see in ten years’ time whether her home-raised kids do better than any other nine kids picked at random who graduated from a state school.

make it “String him up!” and I might be interested.

and you thought your stuff was safe in the bank?  Silly rabbit.

which used to be called “slut” and “cuckold”, back in the day.

Which leads us to some more INSIGNIFICA:

causing neighborhood house values to plummet — not because he’s Black, but because he’s Kanye raving loony West.

key word:  Australia(Ha!  you thought I was going to say “Manchester”, didn’t you?)

and for those unfamiliar with the term (bless you), it means she’ll fuck anything or anyone.  Like we hadn’t already guessed that.

..which article is of interest to no one, except that it contains pictures of Paige Spirinac, who looks like this:

I think you all get the picture(s)…


  1. I’ve been wondering when you would get around to Paige Spiranac. She’s a bit of a problem for me, because my policy has been to completely ignore golf, and she makes that VERY difficult.

  2. Re the Indian snakebites story, the article quotes a study which was “based on verbal autopsies. If I understand the term correctly, that’s what was once known as anecdote/rumor.

    1. What, there’s been a baby boom in Kraits and Cobras?
      Or they’re raising a generation of people who don’t know a snake from a green garden hose.

      1. Human population increase means more incidence of snakebite, and the bites often take place after dark in poorly-lit rural areas and in the vicinity of rice paddies, where snakes are difficult if not impossible to notice.

        Cobras and kraits are only two of the snakes – – the Russell’s Viper and the Saw-Scaled Viper account for many of the bites.

  3. A strike by a Hollywood union? I’m sure studios around the rest of the world will be ready to fill the vaccuum.

  4. Looks like the Swiss have bought into the whole “marriage is just welfare for live-in lovers” delusion. Remind me why the taxpayer should finance any legal recognition or support for people who choose to live together when that arrangement benefits no one but the couple (or throuple, or larger group) in any way form or manner.

    Oh well, enjoy the decline.

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