Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Hey, it doesn’t always have to be a gun…

A Missouri boy fatally shot an alleged thief with an arrow after catching the man trying to steal a tractor on a family friend’s property, authorities said Tuesday.
The unidentified juvenile, whose age has not been released, was walking toward a tree stand where he planned to hunt deer with a bow and arrows when he saw the suspected intruder stealing a lawn tractor and wood splitter from the property Friday afternoon, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.
The boy called his father and a confrontation ensued between the two adults, authorities said. During the incident, the suspect allegedly ran toward the juvenile, the boy’s family told investigators at the scene.
The family’s attorney said the young hunter warned the man several times to stop and was “in fear of his safety” as the accused thief came closer, according to the sheriff’s office. The man apparently did not stop, so the boy released an arrow that fatally struck him, authorities said.
The suspected thief was identified as 40-year-old Michael Stotts. The juvenile shooter was not taken into custody, but the investigation is ongoing.
Authorities said the property has been the site of several recent thefts.

Not any more, it won’t be.

Running towards a young Missouri bowhunter in a threatening manner?  Darwin in action, bubba.

I bet it’s not his first one-shot kill, either.


  1. Just remember, unlike a firearm the bow and arrow combination doesn’t induce shock or immediate incapacitation in most cases. It “slices” through the body, hopefully hitting something important like an artery or internal organ. The target generally dies from blood loss unless the arrow strikes the heart (which still takes several minutes to expire) or brain/spine (which is generally quicker). A lung shot can result in the target slowly suffocating as his lungs fill up with his own blood.

    So take a moment, or let’s say ten minutes, to think of the attacker laying on the ground with an arrow in his chest, slowly bleeding out or gasping as his lungs fill with blood. He has to know he’s dying and there is nothing going to change that.

    I also understand there’s an AR modification which shoots arrows using blank cartridges.

  2. When this guy’s noggin goes on the wall do you adorn it with antlers and a red nose or do you go with one of those Steve Martin arrow-through-the-head sets?

      1. I’ll help you pick.

        Antlers are for animals that died honorably in the hunt.

        Arrow through the head is for playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

        1. Gunnut,
          You’re right.

          I like the way you guys think. I believe heads on pikes is a great deterrent plus it gives the bird watchers to see buzzards, crows, ravens and such.


  3. Have you no sympathy? Some family lost a loved member. Some dealer lost a valued customer. I care, as much as I do for the double murderer Texas injected yesterday.

      1. Some Ivy League college has lost a potential faculty member for one of its ‘studies’ programs.

  4. Many years ago I was watching a daytime chat show (so I must have been REALLY ill; too distracted to read) and the host was interviewing a reformed burglar who made a living telling people how to protect themselves from his former profession. The host asked him about guns, and he said that since most householders who bought guns for home defense didn’t practice he would normally run away and count on their missing. The host asked him if there were guns he would surrender to, and he said it depended a lot on other factors, but the one time he didn’t even THINK about running, a householder was pointing a compound bow at him. The host expressed surprise, and the guest said something along the lines of, “Look, a guy with a gun…maybe he knows what he’s doing and maybe he doesn’t. This guy? He HUNTS with that bow. That’s the only reason he would have it. He’s going to hit me pretty much where he wants to. I asked if he’d like me to use the phone I was next to to call the cops.”

  5. The one shot and one kill is pretty much all you will get with a bow on a deer. They are either DRT or High tail it scene left. If you shoot them well, it is about 30 yards but jump and run they do.

    No, two shots on a deer only happen if the first one killed it.

    I can see the reformed burglars point as well. When I bow hunted that was in October and I would start in June shooting 15 to 20 arrows a day. Just to get the muscles working.

    I used to shoot one arrow in each of the 5 bulls eye on the target. When I shot two at the same bull they would occasionally break the arrow already there.

    Bow hunting is a lot more work than using a gun.

  6. Bagged my last doe with a 2011 Tacoma. I was going about 60 – 65mph. Got my first buck two weeks later – Thanksgiving Day – with the rental car. Now I’m in a 2009 Tacoma and I think Enterprise Rental Cars might have me on their no-fly list equivalent.

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