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John Nolte provides a list of Clint Eastwood’s “offbeat” movies and characters, and I can’t really argue with any of them.

I just wish he’d made it a “top six” and added the much-ignored but superb Tightrope, wherein Clinty plays a New Orleans cop who is nothing like his Harry Callahan forebears:  he’s a single dad, vulnerable, a below-average cop who makes mistakes almost every step of the way.  He doesn’t even carry a .44 Magnum, but some teeny little .38 snubbie.

But the best part is that his investigation takes him into the murky world of deviant sex — which at first repels him, but after some time, and despite all his better instincts, starts to attract him and in so doing, draws him into his prey’s world, making him the hunted.

One of the most attractive features of Clint’s typical movie personae  is that he is strong in his beliefs, and when he straddles the line between right and wrong, he’s always aware of the line.  Not in Tightrope.  And his portrayal of the moral confusion and temptation to which he begins to succumb makes it, I think, one of his most compelling performances.

Watch it if you can get it.


  1. Saw it when it first came out but do not remember it now, so I’ll reinvestigate. Thanks for the reminder.

    Additionally, yesterday I ordered the DVD’s for Goldfinger and Thunderball to add to my growing James Bond Collection. Acquired and watched From Russia With Love and Dr No earlier this year. Eventually I’ll have all of them.

    May do the same for Eastwood.

    1. Sorry Mr. Kim, but to be blunt – FUCK this asshole Clint Eastwood. He is a woke asshole. I used to enjoy Dirty Harry. Any which way but loose. And bloodwork.

      Clint made his living playing a tough American who used guns.

      Now he is a woke anti gun bastard. He spoke in favor of gun control – he mentioned gun control long ago. Seemed – wish washy for a long while.

      And recently – Clint said he supports Mike Bloomberg for President. Bloomberg and his gang of liberal shit heads are the most anti gun pieces of shit in this country.

      I know many on this blog will hate me for writing this but seriously. Fuck this woke bastard. I won’t watch any of his movies again – old or new.

      This Hollywood elitist made money acting with firearms and then sells the rest of us down the drain.

      Did I mention fuck this asshole Clint Eastwood?

      1. I hate that evil little child molester Roman Polanski too, but unfortunately I love his movies.

      2. CoffeeMan,
        Thanks for the links. The link to the Tampa Bay Times requires registration.

        It’s a shame that Eastwood and other Hollyweird folks make millions of dollars playing with guns then demand the infringement of our rights.

        I treat them the same way as everyone else especially politicians, I’ll support them when I can and oppose them when I must.


  2. The only downside to Tightrope is that the female lead, Genevieve Bujold, is somewhat of an acquired taste. She’s been in quite a lot of good films (since the 60’s) with some top directors so she’s apparently well respected, but I’ve never understood the appeal.

  3. Saw it when it came out, and you’re right, it is an acquired taste; but, being the scotch drinker I was, I fit right in. It was one of those flicks where Clint got to try things he’d never be allowed to do in his regular persona.

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