Parallel Universe

If you publish a list of The World’s Greatest Cities, you need to ensure that your #1 pick doesn’t cause howls of incredulous laughter, coupled with snorts of irritation and open-jawed astonishment.  Here’s Time Out’s list:

When did they take this survey — in 1965?  Certainly, it was pre-WuFlu, except:

Good grief.

If you’re going to make a list of places to visit, try this one instead.  It’s pretty much as full of shit as the first one, though.


    1. I went through there in the early 90’s, when there were still nice restaurants. The park across the street from the “Painted Ladies” Victorian houses famed in photographs smelled like an uncleaned dog park (which it doubtless was) even then.

  1. Does anyone remember that brand marketed towards blacks called FUBU, For Us, By Us?

    This list and lists like it remind me of FUBU except these lists are For Imbeciles, By Imbeciles.


    1. FUBU = FUBAR By U?
      Phonetic spelling of English, what used to be called Pre-iPhone Leetspeek, is getting tiresome.

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