News Roundup

All the usual crap that passes for news, with irrelevant commentary.  Oh, and boobs at the end.

we keep giving them goats to eat, but the Afghans just repurpose them.

…as Canada’s leading girlyman continues to campaign with his core constituency.

of which about $16.70 would actually reach its intended target.  Pull the other one, Greaseman.

as they work on becoming even more unelectable than they already are.

right.  I guess Boots was all out of foam earplugs.

only 17?  Must have taken the poll in Manhattan or UC Berkeley.

and when the mass hangings begin, we’ll be called the bad guys.

shoot at cops, get acquitted.  Noted.

Scottish police are fined £100,000 for failing woman, 25,
who died after waiting THREE DAYS for help in wreckage of
her crashed car alongside her dead boyfriend – despite
accident being reported to officers
see, if she’d just Twitted “Some nigger bastard and his Paki rent boy crashed into my car“, the rozzers would have been there in seconds.

what’s it called when stuff keeps getting more expensive while purchasing power decreases… wait, it’s on the tip of my tonguesomething about Weimar

actually, the last one has a link just for the entertainment value.

And now, as promised, some real news:

And finally, our  Slut Of The Week:

Read the story to see why.


  1. The inflation isn’t the only parallel to Weimar. There is also the uselessness of the establishment politicians and the overall degeneracy of the times.

  2. No concern about beggars being picky at all. My mother ingrained too much of “eat it or go hungry” into my skull as a kid. Sorry Haji I’m all out of fucks for you. Maybe they should have killed more Taliban.

    Trudeau is a red diaper baby with socialism to his core. Maybe he’s Castro’s bastard love child. I dunno but we do know that Trudeau is a bastard.

    Senate Democrats consider tax…. cue up The Beatle’s “Tax Man.”

    SO if you you’re black you can shoot at police now? when the legal system fails, vigilantism will rise.


  3. As to Deaf Boy – In the US Army in the 60’s & 70’s, there was no ear protection issued. You endured or if you had opportunity, say knowing you were going to a firing range, sometimes you stuffed cigarette filters in your ears. They worked pretty well.
    I wonder what happened to his standard issue tankers’ helmet with earphones and its built in noise damping?
    Poor Simon, TS buddy, you signed the papers and took the oath. War is all hell.

      1. Hehee – Too big for my ears, but .38 or .357 was a good fit, but they were no where to be found around an Army rifle range, and I didn’t smoke, so I had to bum the cig filters once I learned a day at the range made my ears ring.

  4. Somewhere there is a portrait of Kirsty Gallacher getting older and more haggish. It needs to be transferred to the Tower of London right next to the Crown Jewels and protected by 24-hour armed guards. (In one of those “GMTA” moments, I’d been searching for pics of Kirsty in her white bikini earlier today, even BEFORE I’d checked in here.)

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