1. There’s so much lying going on now it’s almost impossible to get to any easy truth. Starting back in the usenet days and progressing up through the beginning of the blogging years I have cultivated a large group of information places that have proven themselves truthful and I pretty much stick to them. These places are always linking to one another and even referencing to a third party I had not heard about yet, but is then added to my own personal information list. IOW, I have, over the course of 20+ years created an an information database based on truth.

    Nothing I see in the mainstream is taken as truth any more and it’s most unfortunate the liars have chosen that route but it will have no effect on how I deal with it – I mostly just ignore it.

  2. I’m reminded of the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “It’s still Rock ‘n Roll to me” where he writes:

    “There’s a new band in town
    But you can’t get the sound from a story in a magazine…
    Aimed at your average teen”

    Rolling Stone used to write about music I presume. I presume that’s what they wrote about
    because I never subscribed to it and rarely read it. After the Duke Lacrosse slander, their credibility was gone on every topic.

    Journalism has been dead for decades since every one of them thought they were the next Bernstein and Woodward. Before Watergate, journalists asked in depth questions to get to the facts and truth. They also showed discretion on what to publish. Now they publish anything that can sell an extra paper or get another viewer to tune in.

    As to who reads Rolling Stone anymore I guess its the same circular firing squad that passes for media today.


  3. The only time I regularly read Rolling Stone was when I was stationed in Korea back in the 80’s.

    It helped me keep oriented to what was happening with culture in the US outside the narrow straw view of what was broadcast by Armed Forces Korea TV and Radio or printed in Stars and Stripes.

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