Wokery Pokery

Longtime Friend Mrs. Sorenson sends me this disturbing news via email (subject as above):

A mural designed as a tribute to shop staff who worked through the pandemic has been criticised because it “screams welcome to our white town”.
Driffield Town Council said the artwork depicted well-known personalities who worked at independent businesses.
However, some residents took to social media to point out it failed to represent anyone with disabilities or from ethnic minority backgrounds.

And yes, the mural’s personnel (actual people in the village) are whiter than my kitchen cupboards.

However, Mrs. Sor also points out the following (with supporting stats) with respect to the village’s population:

But hey… let’s not let awful stats ‘n stuff get in the way of Wokism, right?


  1. Are any of those 1.3% or others not “represented” independent business owners in town?

    If not, FOAD.

  2. When I worked in downtown Brooklyn, when I went outside I was a decided minority. Funny, murals in that area reflected the demographic, nary a white face in sight. Seems that following the local demographic is only acceptable for some people.

    Screw ’em, one and all.

    Mark D

  3. As people keep telling us, just because you cannot see that someone is disabled doesn’t mean that they aren’t disabled.

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