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All the news you couldn’t be bothered to read, with commentary to match.

to be followed tomorrow by another study that says that eating a single walnut, ever, will give you an 8.5% chance of getting terminal athlete’s foot.  You heard it here first.

by disbanding?

I should fucking well hope so.  Read his story here.

quit that raucous laughter, willya?

replace “could” with “when will”, and you’ll be correct.


which was never ratified, but that’s not going to stop him.

They should try this approach instead:

I’d be a millionaire inside a week.

this is why I prefer ordinary American people over government.  Any government.

I guess the Customs agents never got the memo from the ATF.

as the Great Assimilation Project continues on its way.  Now, about all those young Afghan men we’re bringing here… (no link, because why bother)

a little extreme, perhaps, but understandable.


and all Hollywood shivers.

Finally, the day a TV host went on the air in her dressing gown:

Follow the link for the full story.

And in our tasteful Boob Pics section:




    1. It is entirely right and fitting that he meet his eponym. I hope Short Eyes can have a penetrating relationship, that he can remember for the rest of his short life.

  1. I prefer ordinary American people over government. Any government….

    Perhaps it’s time to brig back the cursus honorem, at least at municipal and county levels, and fill all currently elective offices by lot. Those who refuse lose the franchise and only those who complete a tour in office without being recalled would be permitted to run for elective office at State or Federal level.
    Political ambition requires therapy.

    1. Ah, just institute a hunting season on GS levels above a certain number, no bag limit but the tags are non-trivial.

  2. So the world’s biggest armaments distributors wants to take guns away from the peasants, does he?

    Good luck with that, you drooling idiot; we’ve already fought one war over that.

    1. The Aussies are setting up quarantine camps for the unvaxed. Despite Dementia Joe’s asinine drivel that you need nukes & F-15s to defy Big Bro, the second amendment is why that horseshit will never happen here.

      1. I wonder what the odds are that there will be fewer WuFlu problems in the camps than in the rest of the population still under house arrest?

  3. Motorists are already taxed by the mile: it’s called fuel consumption.

    And if Mr Pitchfork truly has repented and reformed then he deserves a chance. The possibility of freedom is a powerful motivator and it is just as valid for him as other prisoners. But it’s a big if.

  4. I hate to point out mistakes, but you misspelled the word as tasteful.
    It’s spelled Tasty. As in, Tasty boobs, not Tasteful boobs. No problem, I’m sure everyone knows what you meant.
    Have a great weekend.

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