1. Ah, that’s perfect. The only thing I would add to “Go fuck yourself” is to say “,as we slit their throats”……..

  2. I think we in Australia need to be saying that loudly and forcefully to our political “leaders”!

  3. Nope. No more treasure, no more blood. No more adventures. They can’t be trusted to smash and leave. They set up camp and stay 20 years. .Mil cannot be trusted anymore.

  4. Am I about the only guy who thinks the Taliban got ahold of good old Jeffery Epstein’s movie collection and now they own the folks running everything in Washington D.C. ?

    Dan Crenshaw is right, we need to have the backbone as a nation to tell the Taliban and their buddies in D.C. to go fuck themselves.

    1. He’s an Establishment wannabe trying desperately to walk the fence between getting party invites and looking “Conservative”. May he fail at both.

  5. I still don’t understand why we’re not flying Blackhawks loaded with pork chitterlings (and other parts) and kicking them out all over Kabul right now.

    Along with excessive amounts of ordnance, as Kim has suggested.

  6. “The only proper response from Americans to these
    dirty savage terrorists that support “red flag” gun laws should be: Go fuck yourself.”

    F* Dan Crenshaw.

  7. The guy who sells his military service as coin for a place at the Establishment trough? Who talks about gun rights while posing for photos with the Bloomberg Moms? Elected by idiot Conservatives too blind to any other than “but muh militree survissss”.

    That’s what got us McCain. How did that work out for us?

    Crenshaw needs to be voted out for an actual Conservative.

  8. we should go back into Afghanistan and use the tactics of Phil Sheriden and Uncle Billy Sherman. As much as it is great to be civilized there are some folks who don’t understand anything other than utter and total barbaric force.


    1. Sheridan and Sherman weren’t barbaric enough. I don’t think even the Apaches were barbaric enough. Crassus, the ancient Roman who lined hundreds of miles of roadside with crucified rebels, might have been barbaric enough, but he failed as a general.

  9. There are two ways to get someone to do something you want. You have to convince them or coerce them. Convincing the Taliban to give up didn’t work. time for the alternative.


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