Policy Change

A few people have taken issue with the way I show my displeasure at officialdom and busybodies [some redundancy]  by using this cartoon:

“It’s too crass, Kim!” and “You have more class than that, Kim!”  are the common themes.

Far be it for me to upset my more conservative Readers, so in future I may be using this instead:

I trust that this change is to everyone’s satisfaction…


  1. Kim,
    Why use one or the other? I think both have their place.

  2. It’s because you have class that the pant-dropping little gnome is effective. Kinda like a nun dropping the f-bomb. It makes you pay attention.

  3. Shit. This just makes me come on here with the attitude of, “Man, I hope Kim makes an ass of himself today!”

  4. The second picture, while very nice, just doesn’t send the same message as the first. Keep them both, but use them appropriately.

  5. Still not sure. Perhaps you could post a few hundred more examples, so we can develop a baseline for further study.

  6. If the person(s) the second one is aimed at won’t enjoy it (or admit to enjoying it), that’s the time to use it.

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