1. OK, yes, well…..Julie London.

    Shameless confession here, she was on a TV show in the 70’s called “Emergency” playing a MILF nurse (waaay before the term “MILF” was coined). As a 15 year old boy, I would get a stiffy watching her….ah, yes.

    Later in life, I embraced Jazz, my fav time period being from 1945 to about the late 60’s. And Julie was one of the big singers in that era. Sultry I think is the best term to describe her.

    Very nice, Kim….good way to start the week.


    1. Geeky, were you not an old friend, I would have shunned you for mentioning Julie London and Aerosmith in the same breath. As it is… I hope your next range session brings you multiple malfs.

    2. I’m sure that Jo Stafford and Dinah Shore did that song as well, but the answer is, “no one.”

  2. Julie London, the hottest babe married to the hippest coolest dude, Bobby Troup… composer of the hottest Jazz standard ‘Route 66’.
    Here he is in 1964 Japan (Dennis Budimir – guitar, Don Bagley – bass, Dennells Barton – drums) on Japan’s Julie London Show:
    Key word:
    * “Two cc saline, stat!”

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