Thoughts On Mandelaland Part 3

Boy, they’re coming thick and fast:

What is the point of a government, when we know that it was private security and ordinary civilians who held the line this past week? For all the praise that Cabinet ministers have retrospectively doled out to police and the army, we have all seen the footage of cops responding to the riots with approximately the same urgency as a hungover teenager doing the dishes under duress.
Which was a teeny bit weird, because we’ve all also seen the footage of cops blasting a water cannon on elderly and disabled social grant applicants in January this year after giving them one minute to disperse.
What is the point of a government, when we know that it is warm-hearted citizens and NGOs who will largely be responsible for feeding those who must now go hungry? When Gift of the Givers announced they were on their way to fix things, I can’t be the only one who wished for the hundredth time that we could just chuck the keys to the Union Buildings to Imtiaz Sooliman and be done with it.
And what is the point of a government, when we’ve seen all those heroic ordinary people cleaning up the chaotic aftermath of the riots?

Read the whole article, because one of these days we’re going to be asking these questions of our own government.

Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of that already, and I bet some of you have been too.

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  1. What gov’t?
    You mean that enormous band of thieves and liars?
    I’ve never had any use for them and ignore them as much as I can.
    The last half of that last sentence may change in the weeks/months ahead.

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