Another Martyr

No doubt there’ll be BLM-inspired rioting after this one:

A man was shot and killed by Los Angeles police officers in front of horrified bystanders on a packed Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday after he pointed a replica gun at them.

Here’s a thought:  why don’t we flood the ‘hoods with replica Glocks?

All I ask is that the LAPD keep their lapel cameras running so we can all enjoy the fun that follows.



  1. Ever seen the movie Hickey and Boggs? It’s a film noir effort with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby that tried to add to what some people thought was the success of the “I Spy” TV series. Hold that thought, I’ll come back to it eventually.

    Back in the Dark Ages (the 1970s, according to some, but I enjoyed the decade…big block muscle cars, surfing off Manhattan Beach at night, the Cromwell twins….) our resident perpetually anti-gun leftist faction chose “Saturday Night Specials” as a primary target of their affection; the result was the unreliable pot metal .25s and .32s, the Ravens, Jennings, Lorcins, et al wound up biting the dust. Some of us tried to point out that the end result was going to be the druggies, gangbangers, and other related denizens of fetid and crime-infested Democrat-run cities would move to the Sig Sauers, Colts, Smiths, etc. which were more relaible and hence more lethal. That effort failed because The Left wasn’t interested (and still isn’t) in dealing with crime issues, but attacking, in a roundabout way, the White People who are the easy targets, it was an amateur effort in the ’70s, but it should be obvious by now that was just a warm up.

    Predictably, shifting from shitty .25s that misfired more than they didn’t to high quality guns in larger calibers resulted in – ta-da – greater lethality of “street” events in which employment of firearms was a major component.
    A Lorcin .32 that misfired gave the victim a chance to escape, or shoot back, a P226 (or, hell, even a Taurus or Rossi) with brand-name ammunition didn’t.

    Which brings us back to Hickey and Boggs; there’s a scene in which Boggs (played by Culp) is standing on the open tailgate of a station wagon (remember those? Same bunch of lefties attacking guns killed them off, too), strapped in so he can shoot at the bad guys while Hickey (Cosby) drives, in one of oh, so many forgettable Hollywood car chase scenes. Anyway, Boggs (Culp) is wielding an S&W 29 of Inspector Harry Callahan fame and, unfortunately, scoring zero hits (I blame the script writers). When the bad guys escape and the dust begins to settle Hicks utters the memorable line “I need a bigger gun” (well, I remembered it, if only because I firmly believe there is no such thing as overkill).

    So, to the point (finally); one solution (there are many, some of which may involve midnight urban renewal through application of nuclear weapons, anyone up for a GoFundMe or Kickstarter? I hear the Chinks and Russkis have some to spare, and thanks to Prince ‘Bama the Iranians may be able to submit a bid soon) for our current and growing crime and shooting wave may be to provide the participants with quality firearms, reliable ammunition and marksmanship training. The plan is to increase the kill ratio – more deaths per shot fired – to a high enough level that the problem becomes self solving.

    Now, you’re going to say “that’s fine, but what happens when residents of Deep Urban discover there’s money, flat screens and wimmens in the ‘burbs?” I offer that such is an individual neighborhood issue best dealt with by whomever in the affected ‘burbs values their money, flat screens and wimmens (and, to avoid the impression of sexism, certainly the wimmens can participate in suburban defense as well, I know several who can outshoot any man). Properly approached, we should be able to convert today’s empty high rises and bureaucratic enclaves into parks and amusement facilities within, say, a decade or so (ever ridden Tower of Terror at Disney World? Imagine what that could be like with a 125 story office building to use as the platform, and the rolling hills of San Francisco would make for a bunch of really challenging 18-holers. Bungee jumping from the Empire State Bullding. BASE jumping or hang gliding from that architectural abortion that replaced the Twin Towers. And that’s just NYFC, there’s Chicago, Miami, Oakland, LA, Memphis, the downtown portion of Nashville, Atlanta, sections of Birmingham, Minneapolis, a beach- and waterfront park in Baltimore, the list is damn near endless. Why should Dollywood and Pigeon Forge be Tennessee’s only Big Fun Spot, and that’s only one state – there are 50 to choose from. Think Big.).

    Just a thought.

  2. …aaand the median IQ of the species rises by a tiny fraction.

    Or, to paraphrase Lawdog, ‘ Ladies and gentlemen, while the first rule of gunfights is to have a gun, there are two corollaries to that rule:
    a) It should be loaded; and

    b) Replicas don’t count.

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