News Roundup

With commentary so pithy, you’d think it wath yellow.

that’s what happens when you impregnate your much-younger wife, you old goat.

what I’d like to know is:  who the fuck scheduled Sex Ed classes for first-graders in the first place?

because Britain isn’t France.

and because said harpy is a woman, she’s only banned from teaching — as opposed to going to jail had this been a male teacher.

I think that “being fired” should be included in their “lived experience”, but no doubt someone will have a problem with this.

but Lakeview (Chicago) and West Hollywood (L.A.) beg to differ.

welcome to London, DadJust wait till you go to a pub and order a pint of ale.

there goes my bulk order of Aguila Match .22 LR.

how’s that “religion of peace” thing working out, then?

And yes, it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


Frankly, I think most of my Readers would prefer not to look at La Gwyneth’s teeny lil’ floppies.  Here’s Kelly:

Have mercy.


  1. Couple thoughts:

    Apple Should fire them. Being fired is an experience. One that everyone should have. It can produce some needed clarity – like ‘maybe I’m the problem’.

    The gayest City; I tell people that the gays they see on TV aren’t real life. Too pretty. Go to West Hollywood. It ain’t pretty. It’s sad and disturbing. No one should have to see to Oafs like me walking hand-in-hand.

    And I’m with you. Who cares about Gwyneth’s nearly 50 year old titties? Like Chris Rock said about Janet Jacksons ‘unveiling’ at the superbowl. Those are public domain titties – like in national geographic.

  2. In re: Apple.

    FFS. Why do these idiotic value laden terms need to float out there “Inclusivity”. Just say “job requires you to now come in 3 days a week”.

    In re#2: Prince Charles.

    I do not get the sob story People Magazine obsession with Diana/Camilla/Charles. Any rudimentary understanding of the history of British or any European monarchy, reveals that faithfulness to one’s spouse is the exception rather than the rule. Hell the French brothels needed to build Edward his own special sex chair so he didn’t crush the whores with his bulk

  3. re: crApple

    “Shared experiences” and “inclusivity” are just a standard part of the current Silicon Valley labor negotiating tactics. Loathsome, but that’s wokeness for you. Regardless, chances are those people will all have jobs on Monday if fired on Friday. They know it, Tim Cook knows it. The only question is what Cook thinks will cause him the minimum pain.

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